Precision Farming By The Zone

Kurt Lawton

The Furrow magazine, produced by John Deere, profiled several growers on their use of precision farming management zones in a story called “Farming In The Zone” in their March 2010 issue. Broadwater, Neb., grower Frank Lussetto says zone management helped him accomplish three broad goals of being agronomically sound, economically smart and environmentally safe. He uses zone maps for phosphorous, …

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Calibrate For Variable-Rate Precision Farming Success

Kurt Lawton

While every farmer knows the value of preparing and calibrating the planter and sprayer, the same holds true when calibrating the electronics and software that control these implements—especially if you vary rates across the field on the go. Hopefully you pulled out that owner’s manual, or enlisted your local dealer’s help, several weeks ahead of pulling into the first field …

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Use Precision Software Data For Planting Trials and More

Kurt Lawton

Give farmers a piece of technology and they find inventive ways to use it to benefit their operation. In the case of Newton, Iowa farmer (and Ag Leader SeedComand product specialist) Will Cannon, it all started with the yield monitor and mapping hybrids. “I like knowing exactly to a row when hybrids and varieties start and stop—especially when you have …

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Time To Prep Your Precision Farming Equipment

Kurt Lawton

As you gear up for planting season, it’s wise to power up, check out and test your monitors, displays and other valuable electronic components before seed enters the planter and you head to the field. I talked to Nick Ohrtman this week, technical support supervisor for Ag Leader Technology. He said a good place to start is to check the …

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UK Leaders Tout Benefits of Precision Ag

Kurt Lawton

GM crops and precision farming benefits are being pushed back onto the national agenda in the UK, with the focus to help beat climate change, according to a report in The Guardian newspaper. Former cabinet  minister Chris Smith, now chair of the Environment Agency, addressed farmers at the annual conference of National Farmers’ Union, saying that “climate change will create …

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Indiana Farmers Want Row Shut-Offs

Kurt Lawton

Indiana Prairie Farmer magazine wrote a recent story quoting a Franklin, Ind., precision farming consultant Greg Kneubuhler who says the next hot tool farmers want to invest in is row shut-offs for planters. He says a savings of 5 percent can be achieved, which can deliver a payback in two years. And in some cases, with irregular-shaped fields, payback can …

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Ag Leader SureVac

Chuck Zimmerman

Earlier this week Ag Leader Technology added the patent-pending SureVac electric row shutoff to their lineup of planter section shutoff devices. Since I was at the Iowa Power Farming Show I stopped in and learned all about it from Chad Huedepohl. You can watch the interview or just listen to it below. Here’s the details: SureVac provides today’s precision farming …

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Planter Row Control Can Save You Money

Kurt Lawton

As I talk to many growers about their adoption of precision farming equipment and tools, I always like to find out what technology they could eliminate from their operation—if they were forced to give up something. Well, as you can probably guess, almost everyone who has auto steer would never go back to steering again. Who can blame them. However, …

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Deere Offers RowCommand For Chain-Drive Planters

Kurt Lawton

John Deere’s RowCommand, which allows for seed savings by avoiding overplanting, is now available for chain-drive planters. Introduced in 2008 for Pro-Shaft drive planters with MaxEmerge and Pro-Series XP row units, RowCommand has become a widely used planter component for many row-crop producers. “As the cost of seed continues to rise, more producers are looking for ways to maximize their seed investment through …

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Crop Consultants Help Precision Farming Strategies

Kurt Lawton

When the term ‘crop consultant’ comes to mind, growers often think in terms of scouting, insects, diseases, soil fertility and testing, and perhaps input buying recommendations. But have you stopped to think about their value in helping you properly invest in tools of precision agriculture? Retailers who sell precision ag equipment know the technology, but do they know your operation …

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