Hortau Irrigation Company Expanding Rapidly

Kelly Marshall

Hortau has been in the business of providing precision irrigation management systems for nearly 15 years– but they’re not done growing yet. Recently named as one of THRIVE AgTech’s Top 50 growth companies, Hortau expanded by 50 percent in 2016, moving into Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas. Originally founded in Quebec, the company now covers North America from coast to coast, …

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Hugreen Finds a Better Way for Small Farm Irrigation

Kelly Marshall

Hugreen is an agriculture technology startup dedicated to bringing high tech precision solutions to smallholder farmers. The company has just announced an Indiegogo campaign for Gnome, their flagship product that uses solar and radio frequency to power a smart irrigation system. The Gnome system is comprised of a network of sensors and water valves, connected to one central hub: The …

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Wuertz Earns Netafim Award for Microirrigation

Kelly Marshall

Howard Wuertz’s work in the adaptation of drip irrigation technology in the western US has earned him the third annual Netafim Award for Advancement in Microirrigation.  Netafim is a leader in drip irrigation.  Together with the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) the two honor an ASABE member who has advanced the use and adaption of microirrigation technology …

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Don’t Wait…Fungigate Says Agri-Inject

Joanna Schroeder

Don’t wait…fungigate says Agri-Inject as the crops are rapidly maturing around the country. It is during this time, the company says, that fungal diseases are one of those yield-robbing dangers. However, when they are detected early, timely fungicide applications can protect yields. Agri-Inject says among fungicide application options available to growers, one that can easily be overlooked is fungigation but …

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Introducing the Yara Water Solution

Joanna Schroeder

With water supplies and access to water, especially in states such as California, there is an opportunity to develop tools and technologies to enable plants to capitalize on what water they do have. One new product is the Yara Water Solution, a plant-based sensor that allows direct communication with the plant, such as citrus crops, during the entire growing period. …

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CircleScout Brings DIY Pivot Monitoring

Kelly Marshall

For growers who prefer do-it-yourself options, Net Irrigate is excited to announce the launch of their new brand, CircleScout.  As the industry’s first self-installable remote monitoring product, CircleScout eliminates the need for professional installation generally associated with high-volatage pivot irrigation systems. In fact, its simplicity is unprecedented.  The new system is completely wireless.  A palm-sized piece of hardware can be …

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Valley Irrigation Earns Recognition

Kelly Marshall

The worldwide leader in precision irrigation, Valley Irrigation, has earn the Groundwater Guardian Green recognition from the Groundwater Foundation.  This program honors organizations that implement, measure and document their groundwater-friendly stewardship practices.  They focus on company’s water and chemical use, pollution prevention, water quality and environmental stewardship. “The Valley management team worked closely with the Groundwater Foundation to achieve this important …

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Tolero Increases Efficacy of Crop Protection Products

Kelly Marshall

New studies show that Tolero TM can play in important role in the performance of nematicides, fungicides and herbicides. Precision Laboratories recently announced that results showed the application of the irrigation injection surfactant at a rate of 32 ounces per acres in creased the efficacy of pesticides by an indicator of 20.3 percent in the reduction of root gall formation …

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CropX Gets Boost from Top Sensor Manufacturers

Kelly Marshall

CropX has been one of the world’s most advanced adaptive irrigation services.  Now they have announced that service will be going even further with new investment partners.  The global leaders in sensor manufacturing, Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH (RBVC) and Flextechnology accelerator, Lab IX have signed on to accelerate product development and rapidly expand market adoption.  CropX has also unveiled a …

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Garden City, Kansas Co-Op Now an MZB Provider

Kelly Marshall

More than 2,000 growers are now part of the MZB’s zone-based precision farming system, thanks to a roundtable discussion at the Precision Farming Dealer Summit held this past winter.  Participation in the summit has lead to participation in a partnership for MZB Technologies and Garden City Co-op (GCC). Garden City Co-op is now a provider of MZB’s platform, which provides up …

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