It’s Simple to Start Chemigation with Agri-Inject

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Irrigation

Precision irrigation has given growers a new level of control, efficiency, and sustainability and now Agri-Inject is taking that even further with fertigation and chemigation.

“Technological improvements have made it possible for ag producers to match nutrient application to the precise needs of their crops on a foot-by-foot basis,” notes Erik Tribelhorn, CEO of Agri-Inject. “With chemigation or fertigation, the producer controls the timing and the rate, maximizing input efficiency and minimizing volatilization or leaching. It’s a win for both the bottom line and the environment.”

Adding fertigation and chemigation can by a simple, do-it-yourself job if you have pivot systems in place, Tribelhorn says. Technology, like the website to help chose the right fluid injection equipment and an app to help calibrate pumps, have made the process easier.  For more information, check out