Add Precision To Irrigation Water Use

Kurt Lawton

The battle for water between agriculture and urban use only continues to gain momentum, yet both sides must focus on further efficiency. In California, a new study by the Pacific Institute points to ways that agriculture can still flourish despite diminishing water supply and uncertain climate change. But, new steps to significantly increase water use efficiency must be taken. The …

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Precision Farming In India

Kurt Lawton

Part of India’s National Agriculture Development Program (NADP) promotes a precision farming technique that is gaining popularity, according to a recent story in India’s national newspaper, The Hindu. Over the past two years, precision farming techniques have been promoted in 900 hectares across the district in various crops including sugarcane, maize, brinjal, tomato, onion, tapioca, sunflower and groundnut. With installation of …

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Farmer Succeeds With Variable Rate Precision Tools

Kurt Lawton

On variable soils, Indiana farmer Eric Wappel has found precision agriculture success by varying fertilizer and seeding rates, according to a recent story in Indiana Prairie Farmer magazine. “We use variable rate application to spread phosphorus, potassium and ag lime,” he notes. “What we put where depends upon soil sample results. Soil sampling comes first. We use hybrids, but also …

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New Precision Weather Growing Degree Days Tool

Kurt Lawton

Track your current and past Growing Degree Days (GDD) to help with crop scouting for pests using a new tool developed through the joint efforts of Monsanto and The Weather Channel. Since the January launch of The Weather Channel’s ‘Agriculture News & Forecast’ web page, growers who used the site requested the addition of a GDD calculator. To access the …

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Precision Irrigation from Valley

Kurt Lawton

Just as GPS-guided auto steer has helped plant super straight rows, producers can now irrigate in the same straight lines to minimize variances in water application to help maximize yields. Valley Irrigation now offers GPS Guidance for linear irrigation equipment. Here’s what two farmers said about their trials with this new precision agriculture technology. Leonard Water Services, the local Valley …

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Precision Irrigation at Sunbelt

Cindy Zimmerman

Valley Irrigation was showing off its brand new line of GPS Ready irrigation control panels at the Sunbelt Ag Expo earlier this month in Moultrie, Georgia. “We have our computer panels that are industry exclusive GPS ready,” Sara Sims with Valley said during an interview at Sunbelt with Southeast AgNet’s Randall Weiseman. The GPS Ready PRO2 Pivot Control Panel and …

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Valley Introduces GPS Ready Control Panels

Cindy Zimmerman

Valley Irrigation has introduced the industry’s first line of GPS Ready irrigation control panels. The GPS Ready PRO2 Pivot Control Panel and GPS Ready AutoPilot Linear Control Panel currently are available from Valley dealers. The GPS Ready Select2 Pivot Control Panel will be available later this year. “All of our computerized control panels will be GPS Ready, which means producers …

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