Lindsay Adds Remote Irrigation Pump Control

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FieldNET's user-friendly web portal

FieldNET's user-friendly web portal

Crop irrigators can now monitor and control their entire center pivot irrigation systems via the Internet thanks to Lindsay’s added pump control on their existing FieldNET system.

“Lindsay is proud to offer the industry’s first fully-integrated pump and center pivot irrigation monitoring and control package,” says Reece Andrews, GrowSmart Product Manager at Lindsay. “This means for the first time growers have the ability to use a combination of cutting-edge irrigation and pump control technology, all in one package, to save energy, water and labor costs.”

FieldNET, the industry’s first full control Web-based irrigation management system, allows growers to monitor and control their pivots from any Internet connection or cell phone. With a user-friendly Web portal, FieldNET provides growers a quick view of every pivot, providing information on pivot location, pivot status and water usage.

With FieldNET pump control, growers now have information on their entire water delivery system, allowing them to monitor and maintain each pump and pivot for peak performance. This integrated solution automatically tracks and reports pump start-ups and shutdowns and sends alerts for any disparity of normal operations, such as flow alarms.

“By integrating the pump network with the pivot network, we created a pump and center pivot irrigation system that is self-regulating. A unique solution called Dynamic Demand Control (DDC) automatically lowers the pump’s pressure requirement when higher pressures are not needed so the system is always running at maximum efficiency. This significantly reduces the grower’s water, energy and labor costs while providing the convenience of controlling or monitoring the pump and pivot system from anywhere on the globe via the Internet,” Andrews says.

FieldNET with pump control is available in two service levels and can be installed on both new and existing Lindsay systems as well as on systems from other manufacturers.