Precision Irrigation Control With Smartphones

Kurt LawtonCompany Announcement, Irrigation, Software

Irrigators can now control their Lindsay Zimmatic systems with their smartphone and FieldNET Mobile.

The new feature allows growers to fully control and monitor their irrigation pivots anywhere through the convenience of smartphones.

“FieldNET Mobile provides a labor-saving innovation with the convenience of web-enabled phones,” says Reece Andrews, GrowSmart product manager at Lindsay. “With full control and monitoring from anywhere, growers are more efficient with their time and always know the status of their irrigation systems.”

FieldNET Mobile’s graphical interface supports most industry-leading smartphones, including the iPhone, Droid and BlackBerry, according to Andrews.

FieldNET is an award-winning web-based irrigation management system. With the addition of FieldNET Mobile, growers can view the current status of all their pivots in one list, receive system alerts, arrange pivots by predefined groups, view water usage reports and receive a history of pivot runtimes.

“FieldNET Mobile is very easy to set up and features intuitive color-coded graphics that show growers in-depth pivot information,” Andrews says. “With simple touch navigation, users can quickly control pivot operations over their phone, saving them labor and making irrigation management convenient and easy from virtually anywhere.”

FieldNET Mobile is available as an upgrade in all areas serviced by FieldNET.

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