GROWMARK FS Promotes N Management

Cindy Zimmerman

The FS STAR Energy/GROWMARK tent was the place to be at Farm Progress Show to learn more about nitrogen management. I discussed that topic with GROWMARK western region agronomy marketing manager Nate Pierce, senior field sales agronomist John Grandin, and Chuck Webb with AGRILAND FS in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Pierce says FS started introducing nitrogen management as a system several years …

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GROWMARK’s Great Intern Program

Cindy Zimmerman

Summer is officially underway and for over 60 college students it is the beginning of a great journey as interns for GROWMARK, Inc. “This is our 54th annual GROWMARK summer internship,” says GROWMARK University Relations Manager Ashley McClintock. “We have 61 interns this summer, representing 16 universities across North America.” The 12 week internship program encompasses a variety of different …

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AgFanatics Planting Progress Podcasts

Cindy Zimmerman

Planting progress is on the minds of the AgFanatics. In episode #31, the AgFanatics talk with MaxYield Cooperative’s, Karl Setzer, to get his take on the markets and what he’s been witnessing in the northwest part of Iowa. Karl also shares his thoughts on corn planting progress in his area. Episode #32 features guest host Graham Utter discussing how his …

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Nutrient Management with Late Planting

Cindy Zimmerman

Planting is definitely running behind normal in the Corn Belt, but it’s nothing to worry about just yet. “Just stick to the original plan” when it comes to nutrient management,” says John Grandin, Senior Field Sales Agronomist at GROWMARK, Inc. “If the original plan calls for spring-applied anhydrous ammonia, then stick with spring-applied anhydrous ammonia.” However, Grandin points out the …

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Celebrating National Co-op Month

Cindy Zimmerman

Each October, cooperatives across the United States celebrate the cooperative difference, business model and the contributions of cooperatives to their communities during National Co-op Month and this year continues the celebration of 2012 as the International Year of Cooperatives with the slogan “Cooperative enterprises build a better world.” As one of the nation’s largest cooperatives, GROWMARK has been celebrating all …

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Sightings Contest Launches FS InVISION Seed Corn

Melissa Sandfort

Shawn Kinkade of Piper City, Ill., was selected as the winner of a social media contest in which people reported sightings of the new FS InVISION™ logo. Kinkade’s photograph showed the logo prominently displayed on a fertilizer storage tank at the Heritage FS facility near Herscher, Ill. The contest was launched to raise awareness of the newly re-branded FS seed …

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Record Income for Farm Co-ops in 2011

Cindy Zimmerman

October is National Cooperative Month and 2012 is the the United Nations International Year of Cooperatives, so it is extra special to celebrate record farm cooperative income in 2011. USDA released the latest statistics today, showing that farmer, rancher and fishery cooperatives posted record sales of $213 billion and $5.4 billion in net income, surpassing the previous record sales year …

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AgVantage and InVISION at FPS 12

Cindy Zimmerman

The 2012 Farm Progress Show was a chance for AgVantage FS to put the spotlight on a fresh new look for FS Seed products HiSOY and InVISION corn. FS seed marketing and development specialist Amanda Weigel told us during FPS that AgVantage FS just expanded into the Boone county area this year. “So I’m doing some marketing to get our …

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GROWMARK Pleased with Pursuit of Maximum Yields

Cindy Zimmerman

Executives of the GROWMARK system are very pleased with response to the FS Green Plan Solutions program to help growers discover new methods that will help them attain maximum yields. GROWMARK CEO Jeff Solberg (left) and Vice President of Agronomy Jim Spradlin both attended the Pursuit of Maximum Yields (POMY) grower event last week in Collinsville, Illinois. Solberg says the …

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