Agriculture Robotics Expected to be Worth 8.8 Billion

Kelly Marshall

A report from Grand Veiw Research Inc. suggests that the agriculture industry robotics market will reach 8.82 billion USD by 2025.  The study looked at the use of UAVs, antonymous tractors, automatic milking systems, and management materials.  Milking robots dominated the robotics sector in 2014 and are expected to maintain the lead in the foreseeable future.  Antonymous tractors are expected …

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Syngenta Shareholders Meet ChemChina Requirements

Kelly Marshall

China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina) is one step closer to acquiring Syngenta.  Syngenta has announced the provisional interim results from their May Offer Period.  The company was required to see that 67 percent of their shares were tendered.  As of May 4th, they have reached approximately 80 percent of shares, with a few more days till the final count is due. The prospective …

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Isagro USA Focuses on Bio-Solutions

Kelly Marshall

Isagro USA, Inc. is taking this year to focusing on a bio-solutions portfolio for growers looking for bio-based and organic food production solutions. In 2006 the company purchased select products, and then followed a distribution agreement in 2013 for select tetraconazole and copper-based products. Now they’re building on this success by bringing products to the bio-friendly crop protection and nutrition products. “Building …

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MZB Releases New Grid Tool

Kelly Marshall

MZB offers a turn-key precision farming platform for ag retailers that is now offering even more.  MZB Technologies will now provide grid mapping capabilities to customers who want to use traditional grids or a hybrid of zone and grid data together. The new software package assists agronomists by allowing them to work closely with their growers and manage field data …

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IoT Companies Partner for Ag Solutions

Kelly Marshall

If internet on your phone is good and internet on your refrigerator is even better then the unending number of things internet will soon be part of can be awe inspiring. Two companies that lead the way in the Internet of Things (IoT) are partnering to bring this kind of technology to agriculture. Infiswift‘s IoT platform and Libelium‘s IoT hardware …

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Iron Solutions Goes Digital

Kelly Marshall

The Agricultural Equipment Official Guide has been in print for 80 years but, beginning January of 2018, Iron Solutions has announced the publication will become a one hundred percent digital service. Print subscribers will receive a free trail of the online product at along side their printed copies for the remainder of this year and then subscriptions will transfer to …

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Companies Sign for Balance GT Soybeans

Kelly Marshall

More than 45 companies have signed on as licensees for the Balance GT Soybean Performance System. The soybeans are higher-yielding, offer elite genetics with double herbicide-tolerant trait stack, and protects agains a wide range of broadleaf weeds and grasses. “This is exciting news for Balance™ GT,” says Lindsey Seitz, brand manager for MS Technologies™. “With more than 45 licensees already …

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Kubota Introduces Four Utility-Class Specialty Tractors

Kelly Marshall

Kubota is welcoming four new specialty agriculture tractors to the family. The new M-Series includes three narrow machines, the M4N-071, M5N-091 and M5N-111, and the M5L-111 low-profile, perfect for orchards and vineyards. “Through dealer and customer feedback we have learned vineyard and orchard managers are looking for higher horsepower, more versatile tractors. We designed Kubota’s new M-Series specialty models to …

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Monsanto, Deere End Acquisition of Precision Planting

Kelly Marshall

Deere & Company is disappointed to announce that, under pressure from the Department of Justice, Monsanto Company is ending the 2015 agreement that would have allowed Deere to acquire Precision Planting LLC. A digital collaboration between Deere and The Climate Corporation, along with an expansion of access between Ag Leader and Precision Planting, have also been terminated. “We are deeply disappointed in …

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