StollerUSA High-Yielders Impress #Classic17

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Attendees of this year’s Commodity Classic are in San Antonio, Texas this week to learn – and who better to learn from than Stoller‘s panel of top yielding farmers. The Stoller “Break Through Yield Barriers” session not only asked panelists to share about their operations, it also invited the packed crowd to participate by texting answers to poll questions during … Read More

ASTA Announces Educational Website

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The American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) has announced a new, educational website, The organization hopes to provide answers to consumer questions like: What is plant breeding innovation? What do plant breeders do? And what could the latest breeding techniques like gene editing mean for the future of agriculture and our society? The new site offers informational videos, blog posts, … Read More

ScanTask Featured at World Agri-Tech Summit

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The World Agri-Tech Investment Summit was held in London earlier this month; one of the featured agronomic management systems at the event was Israeli startup ScanTask.  This cloud-based platform is providing worldwide business intelligence and decision support for agriculture buyers, food conglomerates, agriculture financing and insurance companies. “With annual losses of hundreds of billions of dollars, agriculture can easily earn … Read More

Solutions Made Easy at Develop with Deere

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Jeremy Leifker works to help John Deere find solutions for growers. At the recent Develop with Deere Conference in Kansas City, Leifker sat down with Chuck Zimmerman to define what that means for the company and the important role their connected partners play in providing those solutions. Solutions, he says, are by definition, answers for problems. Growers have specific problems … Read More

North Dakota Facility Aiding US Agriculture Research

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A North Dakota science facility is helping U.S. ag research get up to speed.  Currently the nation is falling behind when it comes to agriculture research, due mainly to a lack of funding, but the National Agriculture Genotyping Center (NAGC) is committed to getting the United States back in the game. Work related to sustainable production practices, genetic improvement and new … Read More

Proagrica Launches Agility Crops for Analytics

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Growers know you can collect a lot of data, but the real question is can you do anything with it?  Proagrica, a company dedicated to providing decision support for the ag industry, believes they may have a solution to getting actual answers from all that information. The company feels food production is a prime beneficiary of their technology and software … Read More

Valent Features Solutions at the #FarmProgressShow

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Dawn Refsell is a field development manager for Valent.  At the 2016 Farm Progress Show she took time to talk to Chuck Zimmerman about whats happening in the world of crop protection. Valent is focused on a few new programs, Refsell explains.  One of those is seed treatments.  Their INTEGO SUITE soybean seed protectant launched just last year and is … Read More

Rabo AgriFinance Wants to Partner with Growers at FPS

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Rabo AgriFinance made an appearance at the recent Farm Progress Show and I had the opportunity to speak with Chris Olsen, a regional vice president for the company. Olsen took the time to tell me about the company’s goal of being a financial partner with growers. Commodity prices being what they are, Rabo AgriFiance recognizes the tough times farmers are … Read More

Friday in the Field Focuses on Nitrogen Management

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Agro Liquid, in partnership with AgPhD, is hosting a Friday in the Field event with a focus on responsible nitrogen management. The event is taking place on Friday, July 29, 2016 from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm in Michigan, at the North Central Research Station. Attendees will learn about experiments conducted to determine the best nitrogen management practices, as nitrogen … Read More

Bee Deaths Could Impact Economy

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The Agriculture & Applied Economics Association says the death of bees this past winter could affect the U.S. economy.   According to the USDA, 28 percent of bees did not make it through the winter season.  That number is up six percent from a year ago.  Since about 25 percent of the food we eat is pollinated by honey bees, … Read More