NR Gene Assembles Strawberry Genome

Joanna SchroederFruit, Genotyping

NRGene has successfully assembled the strawberry genome. While most plant, animal and human genomes are diploid with two variant for each gene, the strawberry has eight nearly identical copies of each gene. According to NRGene, this has made accurate phasing difficult, until the company used its DeNovoMAGICTM 3.0. In only two weeks, the octoploid, heterozygous strawberry genome was assembled using … Read More

North Dakota Facility Aiding US Agriculture Research

Kelly MarshallGenetics, Genotyping, NCGA, Research

A North Dakota science facility is helping U.S. ag research get up to speed.  Currently the nation is falling behind when it comes to agriculture research, due mainly to a lack of funding, but the National Agriculture Genotyping Center (NAGC) is committed to getting the United States back in the game. Work related to sustainable production practices, genetic improvement and new … Read More