New Research Proposals from Healthy Hives

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Bayer and Project Apis m. have announced the funding of three new research proposals on behalf of honey bee colonies. Financing comes from the Health Hives 2020, an initiative by Bayer North American Bee Care Center that focuses on economic assessment of beekeeping operations, creating best management practices for health, evaluating smart hive technology, and assessing honey bee genetics. The … Read More

Haagen-Dazs Brand Helps Bees Thrive

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The Häagen-Dazs Brand® is helping to support bee populations by working together with their farmer suppliers. The ice cream brand has planted one of the largest, privately-funded pollinator habitats on a almond farmer’s land in Chowchilla, California. The “Häagen-Dazs Loves Honey Bees” program was originally launched in 2008 and began with research and educational funding. This new six and a half … Read More

5th Annual Bayer Bee Care Award Seeks Nominations

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The Bayer Bee Care Community Leadership Award recognizes a grower, researcher, golf course superintendents or other stakeholder who is working with a beekeeper to protect pollinators. It also honors a young beekeeper involved in pollinator initiatives in his or her school or community. The winning partners receive $5,000 towards their collaboration and the youth will receive $1,000 for their project. … Read More

New Research to Help Honey Bees

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The National Agricultural Genotyping Center (NAGC) has conducted research and developed a testing panel that will offer beekeepers more effective methods to identify and address disease in bee colonies. “Bee Care” launches next month, thanks in part to the support of the National Corn Growers Association and the North Dakota Department of Agriculture. “American agriculture relies upon healthy pollinators. Recent … Read More

Everyone Wins with Pastures For Pollinators

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A new clover seed mixture developed by Grassland Oregon (GO) is a win-win for livestock producers and the environment. Pastures for Pollinators is a seed blend including a variety of flowering annual clovers that could help enhance pollinator habitat nationwide, according to GO co-founder Risa DeMasi. “There are 400 million acres of pasture ground in the U.S., and it happens … Read More

USDA Announces Measures for Pollinator Health

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What better time than during National Pollinator Week for the USDA to announce two new initiatives to support the President’s National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honeybees and Other Pollinators.  To date the most popular conservation program has resulted in at least 15 million acres of healthy habitat for pollinators.  The USDA is also beginning a new partnership with … Read More

It’s Pollinator Week!

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This week has been designed as Pollinator Week by the Honey Bee Health Coalition.  The organization hopes to use this time to highlight the importance of the honeybee to agricultural crops and the increased stresses that have been placed on the bees in the last ten years or so. Many organizations have joined the Honey Bee Health Coalition to help … Read More

Bee Deaths Could Impact Economy

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The Agriculture & Applied Economics Association says the death of bees this past winter could affect the U.S. economy.   According to the USDA, 28 percent of bees did not make it through the winter season.  That number is up six percent from a year ago.  Since about 25 percent of the food we eat is pollinated by honey bees, … Read More

Growers, Beekeepers Work to Take CARE of Bees

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Bayer’s CARE Program has been promoting bee health and communication between growers and beekeepers for four years now.  This program was created to educate both groups about the importance of working together, especially during planting season, to protect the vital pollinating work bees do. Feeding, clothing and providing fuel to the world is an important work, and it wouldn’t be … Read More

ARS Genebank Will Preserve Bee Genetic Diversity

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With the nation’s beekeepers continuing to face problems with honeybee loss, the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) is creating a national bee gene bank to preserve the genetic diversity of bees.  Of special interest are traits resistant to pests or disease and pollination efficiency.  The new genebank will also be a resource for the ARS and others interested in researching better bee breeds. … Read More