The Secret in the Soil

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Agriculture’s efforts to better manage water have taken as step forward with the work of Daniel Hirmas, a professor at the University of Kansas.  He and his team are using MLT scanners to predict water movement within the soil– a study which could lead to correct predictions of recharge rates of aquifers, predict how areas will react to climate change, … Read More

HydroBio Earns Patent for Irrigation Technology

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HydroBio began in 2013 with an innovative algorithm.  Today they are an emerging global leader in precision technology with a newly awarded patent for a targeted irrigation management system. The system estimates the water needs of a crop using satellite imagery and weather data.  Each plant becomes a mixture probe, giving growers actionable data and allowing for precise irrigation. HydroBio … Read More

Discovery Farms Program Puts Farmers in Driver’s Seat

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The Discovery Farms program was a big topic of interest at the recent Mid-South Farm & Gin Show. AgWired’s Lizzy Schultz spoke with Mike Daniels of the University of Arkansas Extension about the program. Arkansas faces many water issues, Daniels explains, from decreasing ground water levels due to irrigation to nutrient runoff into the Gulf of Mexico. The Discovery Farms … Read More

AgSmarts Helps the Environment & Bottom Lines

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AgWired is on the ground at the Mid-South Farm & Gin Show, seeking out all the stories on the latest precision technology.  Lizzy Schults had the chance to talk with AgSmarts founder and CEO, Brett Norman about his company’s environmental sensing products. AgSmarts focuses on providing producers with decision-making tools using sensors in the field that measure conditions like soil temperature, rainfall and … Read More

New Watersheds Added to NWQI Program

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An allocation of $25 million by the USDA is being used to improve water quality in rivers and streams throughout the U.S.  The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) will help agriculture producers in 187 watersheds integrate conservation practices to improve downstream waters through the National Water Quality Initiative (NWQI) program. “Clean water is in everyone’s interest, and the National Water Quality … Read More

HydroBio & Monsanto Partner for Sustainability

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HydroBio, Inc., a company with expertise in remote sensing analytics and irrigation management, has form a partnership with Monsanto Company to further increase sustainability and supply chain productivity. HydroBio will use satellite imagery and advanced agronomic modeling to increase farm productivity and manage natural resources using Monsanto’s Global Supply Chain division.  The field monitoring platform will use hyper-local weather data and satellite … Read More

Monitoring Irrigation Remotely Saves Money

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AgSense, a web-based service that offers remote irrigation and pivot monitoring, continues to add value for customers. Tanner Oliphant, with AgSense, shared the latest with AgWired while at the National Farm Machinery Show last week. AgSense added a new product this year that integrates specifically with Valley digital panels into their product line. Remote monitoring allows customers to see where … Read More

USDA Invests $720 Million with Conservation Partners

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The USDA is launching the second round of the Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) with $720 million dollars towards water quality, fighting droughts, improving soil health, supporting wildlife habitat and protecting the future viability of agriculture.  There are 84 projects and multiple partners across the U.S. that will bring these goals closer to reality. The RCPP was established in the … Read More

Hydroponics Aims To Answer Water Mgmt Challenges

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As climates continue to shift and change and regions around the world experience freshwater shortages, Hinoman, Ltd., sought a complete water-management solution for its vegetable protein cultivation system. Hinoman’s proprietary, eco-friendly cultivation process for plant protein enables water savings of up to 90% in comparison with most prominent vegetable protein alternatives, such as soy. “We designed a precise hydroponics cultivation … Read More