HydroBio & Monsanto Partner for Sustainability

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Irrigation, Monsanto, Resources, sustainability, Water Management

hydrobioHydroBio, Inc., a company with expertise in remote sensing analytics and irrigation management, has form a partnership with Monsanto Company to further increase sustainability and supply chain productivity.

HydroBio will use satellite imagery and advanced agronomic modeling to increase farm productivity and manage natural resources using Monsanto’s Global Supply Chain division.  The field monitoring platform will use hyper-local weather data and satellite imagery to understand water demand.  They will be monitoring fields with Monsanto in 10 countries to make more informed decisions about when, where and how much water to apply.

monsanto1“The HydroBio irrigation management platform increases productivity and conserves resources,” said Barrett Mooney, Co-Founder and CEO of HydroBio about the research agreement. “We are excited to be expanding our impact through collaboration with a global leader in agriculture.”

Remote sensing technology and analytics are becoming increasingly more important as global water use continues to rise.

“We are undergoing a tremendous effort to evaluate several management practices that will lead to improved irrigation water application efficiency,” said Giovanni Piccinni, Global Production Sustainability Lead at Monsanto. “The collaboration with HydroBio represents one of the many steps we are taking towards our goal. The ability to remotely sense crop water needs and introduce variable rate irrigation technology in our seed production fields will be key to achieving our sustainable production goal.”