54 Different Countries Represented at 2016 InterDrone

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BZ Media LLC’s InterDrone™ The International Drone Conference & Exposition, held at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas Sept 7-9, drew 3,518 attendees from 54 different countries on 6 continents. The event featured 155 exhibitors and sponsors in more than 230 booths. FAA Administrator Michael P. Huerta gave the Grand Opening Keynote speech to thousands gathered on the first day. … Read More

New & Upgraded Activations at 2016 International Drone Expo

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International Drone Expo (IDE) has new and upgraded show activations for 2016. IDE will host its first annual Drone Race Cup, a pitchfest competition and film showcase. The third annual IDE is set to take place December 9-10, 2016 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The Championship IDE drone race cup is one of the few sanctioned in Los Angeles. … Read More

New Forms and Rules Filings for Drone Insurance

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Consumers are asking for insurance coverage of drones, which is why the American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS) has announced new forms and rules in the Agriculture General Liability Program (AgGL). The organization has also filed a new Personal & Advertising Injury Liability Aircraft Exclusion to address this new liability exposure. To date the AgGL endorsements have been approved in … Read More

2016 InterDrone Attracts 160 Drone Companies

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BZ Media LLC unveiled the exhibition component of the industry’s largest dedicated commercial UAV show, InterDrone. More than 130 exhibitors have already signed up for the event taking place September 7-9 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. The exhibition will be paired with more than 120 sessions on all aspects of UAV design, piloting, regulations, and business management. Exhibitors … Read More

UAV Army Leader Begins Plane-Based Aerial Image Biz

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It’s a little mind-blowing, really. Robert Morris served in the U.S. Army as a Technical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TUAV) Platoon Leader in Afghanistan.  His ground-breaking work helped uncover intelligence that made critically important strategic decisions, but after returning to the states Morris realized drones were the wrong choice for agriculture. Instead a conversation with a buddy led Morris to start … Read More

PrecisionHawk Forms Strategic Partnerships

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In today’s world customers are better served when companies work together.  That’s why PrecisionHawk has formed two new partnerships to bring solutions to drone users. This first is a collaboration with Insitu, a subsidiary of Boeing and leader in providing information for decision-making.  The two have announced an alliance to offer expansive aerial technology services in the commercial and enterprise markets. … Read More

COPTRZ Offers Affordable Aerial Surveys

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Until now an aerial survey has generally been limited to large-budget farms, but a new company, COPTRZ is excited to make the process more affordable with the use of UAVs.  Theses “geeks” as they proudly call themselves, are passionate about the technology potential that comes from a drone and want to make those tools available to any grower. “Farms using drones for aerial surveys … Read More

Raven and AgEagle Partner for UAS Solutions

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The Applied Technology division at Raven Industries is partnering with a leading provider of UAS, AgEagle Aerial Systems.  Raven will now serve as the exclusive distribution partner, combining their actionable data and AgEagle’s user-friendly UAS technology. The partnership will allow growers to create aerial maps to identify areas of stress, highlighting where nutrients or crop protection products should be applied.  The real-time … Read More

Mavrx Drone-Assisted Scouting to Take Flight

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Mavrx drone-assisted scouting is coming soon to a field near you. Mavrx ultra-high resolution (UHR) imagery for autonomous drone scouting capabilities will be available this year for select growers and agronomists to cover more acres in less time. Using aerial imagery to unlock the potential of UAVs, Mavrx is leveraging its nation-wide UHR aerial imaging network to quickly identify revenue … Read More