PrecisionHawk Forms Strategic Partnerships

Kelly MarshallAerial Imagery, Agribusiness, drone, Safety, UAV

PrecisionHawkIn today’s world customers are better served when companies work together.  That’s why PrecisionHawk has formed two new partnerships to bring solutions to drone users.

This first is a collaboration with Insitu, a subsidiary of Boeing and leader in providing information for decision-making.  The two have announced an alliance to offer expansive aerial technology services in the commercial and enterprise markets.  Together they will be able to offer small and large scale services with their integrated platforms, hardware and software, giving customers access to more data insights.

“Our customers are always pushing us to bring more advanced and comprehensive solutions, and we go above and beyond to make sure we are developing tools that serve their specific needs, “ said PrecisionHawk president Christopher Dean. “We feel that collaborating with Insitu will only assist us with further delivering against that promise. “

“While our businesses are diverse, the areas where we intersect have tremendous potential for creating new opportunities in the commercial industries we both serve,” said Ryan M. Hartman, Insitu President and CEO. “This alliance ensures that more businesses will explore what unmanned technology can offer.”

PrecisionHawk’s second working partnership is with Harris, an expert in air traffic communication and surveillance.  This project was created to find solutions to safety issues for drones.  The goals is to provide the industry with tools that allow drone pilots to be more aware.  They are also working to find a management system for UAS airspace using innovations like PrecisionHawk’s LATAS platform.

“In a short amount of time, PrecisionHawk and Harris have aligned their vision to deliver information and technology to the market faster,” said Tyler Collins, VP LATAS at PrecisionHawk. “Harris brings years of experience integrating systems that work together to support a holistic air traffic control approach, and we believe their expertise on the manned aviation side is going to help LATAS, in the same way, serve the unmanned community.”

Harris’ real-time surveillance database of manned and unmanned traffic is being built into the LATAS platform to give drone pilots a clear picture of their surroundings, while Harris is also integrating LATAS into their systems to give customers, such as UAS test ranges, airports, and potentially manned pilots’, visibility of drones that may be sharing the airspace.

“Harris has decades of experience providing air traffic management communications and surveillance solutions for the FAA and other ANSPs throughout the world,” said Ed Sayadian, president, Harris Mission Networks. “Joining forces with PrecisionHawk will combine our expertise with PrecisionHawk’s innovation to bring solutions that bridge the gap between the National Airspace System and the low-altitude UAS airspace of the future.”

To learn more about this project check out the white paper.