Time To Kick Pre-harvest Checks Into Gear

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As we’re well into the dog days of summer, Midwest corn and soybean harvest is looming larger. If you haven’t started combine prep already, it’s time to dust off those owner’s manuals to fine-tune the machine and its data-gathering electronics. Ag Leader Technology, a sponsor of precision.agwired.com, offers some good advice in a pre-harvest checklist for owners of their InSight … Read More

Satellites Show Ozone Cutting Soybean Yields

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Losses of up to $2 billion per year (10%) in soybean yield is due to rising surface ozone, according to satellite measurements by NASA, as outlined in a recent study.  Above a threshold concentration, ozone inhibits photosynthesis and reduces yield in soybeans, one of the more sensitive crops to high surface ozone levels. On the left are plants that have … Read More