Agriculture Robotics Expected to be Worth 8.8 Billion

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Robot

Graphic from Grand View Research

A report from Grand Veiw Research Inc. suggests that the agriculture industry robotics market will reach 8.82 billion USD by 2025.  The study looked at the use of UAVs, antonymous tractors, automatic milking systems, and management materials.  Milking robots dominated the robotics sector in 2014 and are expected to maintain the lead in the foreseeable future.  Antonymous tractors are expected to see the largest rise in growth.

As for applications of the robots, soil conservation is expected to benefit the most, followed by crop management. Grand View Research suggests that as UAVs become better able to find pests and diseases in the field, they too will see an increase.

North America is expected to be the biggest driver, thanks in part to the FAA’s shift in regulatory policy.  Government regulation will be a major factor in adaptation in the European Union as well.

The full report is available here.