Drought, CTIC Tour Open Up Learning Opportunities

John DavisAgribusiness, Audio, Conservation, CTIC, Monsanto

If there’s anything positive about the drought this year (and I realize that’s a real stretch) it might be what producers and companies are learning from these extreme circumstances. In addition, events, such as the Indian Creek Watershed Project Field Tour, fittingly set when conservation is a hot topic of discussion gives even more opportunities to discuss how to overcome … Read More

Maximizing Yields in Corn-on-Corn

Melissa SandfortCorn, Monsanto

As the economics of corn drive more farmers to move toward corn-on-corn production, they are often faced with additional challenges not typically encountered in a traditional corn-soybean rotation. In order to maximize the potential for high yields in corn-on-corn, farmers need to focus on several agronomic factors. This summer in heavy corn rootworm pressure areas Monsanto plans to host a … Read More

Monsanto Company Purchases Precision Planting, Inc.

Melissa SandfortCompany Announcement, Monsanto

In line with its vision of delivering yield to farmers sustainably, Monsanto Company announced it reached an agreement to purchase planting technology developer Precision Planting, Inc., a proven leader in improving yields through on-farm planting performance. The Precision Planting team will become part of Monsanto’s Integrated Farming Systems unit, which utilizes advanced agronomic practices, seed genetics and innovative on-farm technology … Read More

Monitor 2012 Corn Rootworm Hatch with Enhanced Online Insect Forecast Tool

Melissa SandfortCompany Announcement, Corn, Monsanto, Resources

Over the past two seasons, farmers across the Corn Belt have participated in an online, early warning system tool to monitor above ground pests that could threaten their corn yields. For 2012, this sophisticated program, known as the Insect Forecast tool, has been enhanced to track another economically damaging pest – corn rootworm – as well as to offer farmers … Read More

Insect Migration Forecast Adds New Features

Cindy ZimmermanEducation, Internet, Monsanto

Knowing where the bugs are going can help farmers beat them. The Insect Forecast website is ready to start pest tracking in May with new enhancements for the 2011 growing season to increase farmer awareness about above-ground pests that can threaten their fields. The new features include the tracking of western bean cutworm pressure in the Midwest, in addition to … Read More

Monsanto Helping Grow Communities

Chuck ZimmermanAudio, IA Power Farming Show, Monsanto

There are booths on the floor of three different buildings at the Iowa Power Farming Show. They’re also in the hallways. I stopped at this one to learn about the Monsanto sponsored America’s Farmers Grow Communities Project. Lots of farmers were stopping by to sign up their favorite local charity. To tell us all about it I interviewed Gayla Daugherty, … Read More