Six New Products From Ag Leader Technology

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Last week, Ag Leader Technology made a big splash by announcing their new precision farming technology collaboration with AutoFarm. Along with that big news, they also launched six new products. Here’s a brief look. INTEGRA™ Display • Rugged, moisture-resistant design featuring a 12.1-inch full-color touchscreen with high-definition mapping. • Core functionality includes: built-in manual guidance, full-screen mapping, planter and application … Read More

Ag Leader Aligns With AutoFarm and Launches New Products

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Big news this week in the world of precision agriculture. Ag Leader Technology not only launched new products, it announced a new alliance with AutoFarm. This new collaboration brings together popular and successful precision farming products from Ag Leader with the latest embedded and integrated steering solutions from AutoFarm. Yesterday, I caught up with company founder and President Al Myers … Read More

Ag Leader Joins With AutoFarm

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Precision farming took a step forward this week as Ag Leader Technology of Ames, Iowa and AutoFarm of Fremont, California joined forces to provide auto steering and assisted steering solutions to the marketplace. “We think the combination of the two companies’ products is going to provide some great efficiencies to the end user,” says Dave King, Ag Leader Marketing Communications … Read More

GPS Accuracy: How Accurate Is Accurate?

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If you’re familiar with yield mapping, automatic boom section control or other tasks that require a GPS signal, you may not truly understand how it works…or you may not care as long as it works, right! Let me simplify things. Basically, 11,000 miles from earth is a constellation of satellites (between 24 and 32 at any given time) strategically placed and … Read More

Raven Buys Cellular RTK Precision Farming Technology

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Raven just purchased a Canadian company that uses cell tower networks to deliver RTK signals. Ranchview, a start-up company, develops products that use cellular networks instead of the traditional radio systems that are typically used to deliver RTK (Real Time Kinematic) corrections to GPS enabled equipment. RTK corrections improve the accuracy of GPS equipment. The network can also be used … Read More

Hi-Tech Wired Magazine Talks Precision Farming

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Always good to see high technology magazines talk about precision agriculture that’s happening down on the farm. My favorite hi-tech pub, Wired, just posted a nice story on their website: “Self-Steered Tractors and UAVs: Future Farming Is (Finally) Now.” A lot of the story was based on Idaho grower Robert Blair, who was named PrecisionAg’s 2009 Precision Farmer of the … Read More

Variable Rate Precision Farming — The Next Big Thing

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My friend and former colleague, Farm Industry News senior editor Jodie Wehrspann, pegs variable-rate (VR) technology as the biggest overlooked story in precision agriculture in a recent piece she wrote. I couldn’t agree with her more. I’ve written many stories of progressive farmers who have been using this VR technology for years, and are making it pay, while learning its … Read More

Precision Farming: How To Grow Your Technology

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As an Iowa farm kid who grew up loving technology (I just chose to write about it and let my brother run it on the family farm), one of my passions is talking to farmers about their technology adoption—so I can learn and write stories that help others. And over the past 28 years of covering the incredible advances we’ve … Read More

Trimble Adds Modem To Enhance RTK Signal

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If constant RTK connection is an issue in some of your fields, Trimble has a new Ag3000 modem solution that works with their AgGPS Autopilot system. It allows farmers to improve machine guidance in areas where RTK (Real Time Kinematic) signal towers won’t reach. Trimble designed the Ag3000 to easily interface with Trimble Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers, lightbars … Read More

Farmer Uses Insight To Start Precision Farming

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Young farmers often have a drive for efficiency, and technology. North Plate, Neb., grower Nathan Kramer is no different. He knows the tools of precision agriculture can get him there. But data holds the key. “If you don’t know where you’re at, it’s hard to tell where you’re going,” Nathan says, with regard to their lack of baseline yield data. … Read More