AcreValue Helps Growers Manage Expansion Opportunities

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acrevalueAcreValue, often referred to as the Zillow for farmland, is a tool for farmers, landowners, and investors to understand the value and productive capacity of a piece of farmland. Tamar Tashjian, GM for AcreValue, updates us on what new with AcreValue, and what’s coming next. Granular, the parent company, started as a farm management company geared towards large farm operations.

As a grower, expansion is typically top of mind; trying to determine current land prices, rental value, and potential productivity of a given piece of land can be time-consuming and tiring. AcreValue aims to fill a gap in the industry by aggregating data from a variety of public sources into a single free site users can to log into to get information on a specific piece of land.

Using their automated valuation model (AVM), which was developed for both residential and commercial land, users can see what the computed price per acre would be for a given piece of land based on a number of factors like soil type and crop history. Growers often ask themselves how they can pick up new ground at the right price, or how productive a specific piece of land may be. Tamar says AcreValue can answer those questions in a few ways.

“First, you can go onto AcreValue to see what the land is worth using our AVM. If you want to determine that yourself, you can pull the underlying data, like soil maps or crop history, to use as you calculate the value. Additionally, paying customers that use the Granular software, will have access to tools that integrate their production history and operation data to determine how buying or renting a given piece of land will effect profitability of their operation.” Tamar Tashjian, AcreValue. “We aim to answer the question of ‘If I buy versus rent this ground or add this new piece of ground, do I have the capacity to manage those added acres? How does that effect my overall profitability?'”

Currently AcreValue is available in 46 states to pull soil maps or crop history. The valuation model is currently available in Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois; AcreValue is focused on expanding that valuation model into other states.

To hear more of Tamar’s interview: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Tamar Tashjian, AcreValue”]

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