Precision Ag at Farm Progress Show

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Make the trek to central Iowa near Boone for the nation’s greatest summer agricultural showcase, the annual Farm Progress Show, held August 31 through September 2. Precision agriculture demonstrations return to the Farm Progress Show and will share space with the standard field demonstrations. Strip till is gaining popularity across the Midwest. These demonstrations will be located east of the … Read More

New SMS Software From Ag Leader Technology

Chuck ZimmermanAg Leader, Audio, Farm Progress Show

When you visit a farm show the first question I hear asked is, “What’s new?” In the Ag Leader Technology exhibit at the Farm Progress Show Jess Ahrens answered that by telling me about the latest version of their SMS software. She says they’ve just released Version 9.5 which supports more monitor types including the Hemishpere and AutoFarm GPS displays. … Read More

Driving Through Farm Progress Show

Chuck ZimmermanFarm Progress Show, Video

While I was driving my golf cart through the Farm Progress Show last week I shot a short video clip so you can see what the crowd was like. You can also get a sense of how nice the weather was. If you’ve never been to a FPS then make plans ahead for next year in Iowa. Farm Progress Show … Read More

Is COOL For Fuel Cool?

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Many of you corn growers using precision technology are very aware of the challenges we’ve had in the ethanol business, especially battling groups with an agenda to distort facts and misinform the public. Growth Energy is a group that was formed to battle that problem on Capitol Hill. Here at the Farm Progress Show, Gen. Wesley Clark, Growth Energy, announced … Read More

Argentina Farmers Adopting Precision Farming

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It’s easy to find Ag Leader Technology at the Farm Progress Show. Just look up and when you see the Ag Leader Blimp, you’re there. I have a number of photos from their exhibit in my online photo album. While I visited the exhibit I got to speak to a couple of our international visitors from Argentina, Matias Abadie and … Read More

Farm Progress Show Record Crowds

Chuck ZimmermanAg Leader, Audio, Farm Progress Show

It sounds like we’ve got a record breaking Farm Progress Show and to learn more about how it’s going I spoke with Jeff Lapin, President, Farm Progress Companies. He says that opening day was record attendance and the streets have been full. Exhibitor feedback has been great. And of course this has to be some of the nicest weather we’ve … Read More

Looking For Precision at Farm Progress Show

Chuck ZimmermanFarm Progress Show

It’s that time. Time for the 2009 Farm Progress Show. I know a lot of people and a lot of work has been going on in Decatur, IL already and I’ll be on location tomorrow afternoon, along with Cindy and Carly who will be going to their first FPS. It looks like they’ll have some great weather. That’ll be a … Read More

Ag Will Be Twittering at Farm Progress Show

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Since we know that many farmers are using social networking services like Twitter and Facebook I thought you’d be interested to learn about a couple of opportunities to learn more while you’re attending the Farm Progress Show next week. To start with there’s a weekly Twitter conversation called AgChat. AgChat is for farmers, in fact for anyone involved in providing … Read More