Hick Chick Chat with Ag Leader Technology

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This week, I attended Ag Leader Technology’s field event, Where Technology Meets Dirt Road Tour. It was a beautiful and hot day, which was perfect for growers to come and see the live demonstrations and learn about seed, fertilizer, water and data. During Ag Leader’s Tech Meets Dirt event near Peoria, I caught up with Matt Wolf, territory manager for … Read More

Big Data, Drones & Next Decade’s Drivers of Ag Profit

Jamie JohansenAg Group, Data, Farm Bureau, technology, UAV

As intense summer storms continue to trek across the state, Iowa farmers know that weather is one factor they can’t control, but emerging technology is helping today’s farmers scout fields, spot and fix rain-washed areas of their field and can even help them make more efficient use of fertilizer or pesticides. The upcoming 2014 Iowa Farm Bureau Economic Summit, ‘Finding … Read More

What Is Another Word For Simple?

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The AgStudio line of agricultural software redefines the word “simple”. For well over 15 years, the MapShots vision of developing software for agricultural professionals so that it not only captures the data you need to make those key decisions, but it does it in a very simple manner. AgStudio PRO is a fifth generation agronomic data management software application designed … Read More

200th Precision Yield Analysis With Spatial Statistics Tech

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Data, Harvesting

When farmers, retailers, and crop consultants examine harvest data, it is often difficult to determine which of the numerous factors affecting yield had the greatest impact. AgVeritas, the patented cloud-based yield analysis application introduced last year by XSInc, was designed to economically resolve this issue by providing a highly accurate analysis of many factors that drive yield and impact variability. … Read More

Consultants to Discuss Impact of Big Data

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Data

The impact of Big Data and how it can best be used by professional ag consultants and their clients will be a primary discussion point at the annual conference of the American Society of Agricultural Consultants which will be held Oct. 19 – 21 in St. Louis. “Big Data is everywhere but delivers limited value and clarity unless interpreted through … Read More

Growers Benefit from Nitrogen Management Tools

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DuPont Pioneer has announced a first-of-its-kind collaboration with eight Midwestern land-grant universities through their respective soil nutrition management experts to help growers more sustainably maximize crop yields. This collaboration will pull together expertise in different soil nutrition areas and generate field data to improve crop models used to enhance more efficient production practices. Each university will be able to significantly … Read More

KC Big Data Forum

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Join the Agricultural Business Council of Kansas City on July 17 to learn more about the opportunities and challenges facing the agricultural industry regarding big data. This forum will feature a number of national speakers touching on different aspects of this increasingly popular and important topic. Bid data refers to the generation of enormous amounts of data due to new … Read More

AgGateway Focuses on Data Privacy, Security & eBusiness

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Data

AgGateway has created two new committees to formalize the ongoing work of its member companies: the Data Privacy and Security Committee; and the Architecture Committee. Both committees tackle essential issues that support AgGateway’s mission to promote, expand and enable eBusiness in agriculture. They will meet in open sessions at the upcoming Mid-Year Meeting in Iowa. “Data privacy, use and security … Read More

AgGateway Mid-Year Meeting Tackles Precision Tech

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Crop Protection, Data

AgGateway’s Mid-Year Meeting is right around the corner and will feature information on eBusiness activities in agriculture. The event will be held June 9-12 at Prairie Meadows in Altoona, Iowa. “Join us at the Mid-Year Meeting to network and to learn from others that are already seeing the immense benefits of electronic connectivity between trading partners,” said AgGateway CEO Rod … Read More

DuPont Pioneer Collects Valuable Data

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Data, Dupont Pioneer

DuPont Pioneer researchers use sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment to plant, manage, harvest and collect data from test plots. Doing so leads to improved hybrids and varieties for growers. “We’re using specialized equipment for precommercial testing and product development,” says Jan Jackson, DuPont Pioneer IMPACT field-testing lead. “We can more effectively identify the best products for grower environments and support the Pioneer … Read More