It’s Pollinator Week!

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This week has been designed as Pollinator Week by the Honey Bee Health Coalition.  The organization hopes to use this time to highlight the importance of the honeybee to agricultural crops and the increased stresses that have been placed on the bees in the last ten years or so. Many organizations have joined the Honey Bee Health Coalition to help … Read More

Bee Deaths Could Impact Economy

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The Agriculture & Applied Economics Association says the death of bees this past winter could affect the U.S. economy.   According to the USDA, 28 percent of bees did not make it through the winter season.  That number is up six percent from a year ago.  Since about 25 percent of the food we eat is pollinated by honey bees, … Read More

USDA Conducts Honeybee Health Survey

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Agriculture Statistics Service (NASS) has released the results of its first ever Honey Bee Colony Loss survey, which queried the nation’s honey beekeepers about the number of colonies, colonies lost, colonies added, and colonies affected by certain stressors and gleans state-level estimates on key honey bee health topics. Survey results will help to … Read More

Tweet Bee Emojis ? To Help #FeedABee

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Today’s pollinators are facing a multitude of challenges, but their role in agriculture and human life remains as important as ever, and The Bayer Bee Care Center is continuing to make a tremendous impact on the lives of our nation’s pollinators. Aside from the program’s efforts in supporting research and educating beekeepers and farmers, the center’s #FeedABee social media campaign … Read More

Bayer Launches #FeedABee 2016 Video

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Bayer is gearing up to make a significant impact on pollinator health in 2016 by planting more forage and spreading the word about the importance of pollinators with the debut of the Feed a Bee song and video. The video features Beatrice Blum and her animated friends who spread wildflowers to beautify their world and help pollinators and is designed … Read More

Growers, Beekeepers Work to Take CARE of Bees

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Bayer’s CARE Program has been promoting bee health and communication between growers and beekeepers for four years now.  This program was created to educate both groups about the importance of working together, especially during planting season, to protect the vital pollinating work bees do. Feeding, clothing and providing fuel to the world is an important work, and it wouldn’t be … Read More

GROWMARK Launches Endure Program

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GROWMARK’s Agronomy division has launched a new Pollinator Seed Program coined the Endure Advocate Program focused on entry-level and advanced nutrient management training programs. The secondary focus on the program is to support honeybees; GROWMARK is donating wildflower seed to many of its supply and grain members to plant and promote honeybee health. If all the FS and grain members … Read More

Bayer Promotes Bee Health in NOLA

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Bayer Bee Care teamed up with the Orleans Parish 4-H chapter Tuesday to break ground on a pollinator patch in the teaching garden at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, planting pollinator-friendly plants to increase forage and educate the next generation of bee advocates about the importance of pollinators. “We’re thrilled to work with Bayer to inspire a new generation of bee … Read More

Pollinators Part of @GROWMARK Endure Program

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Protecting pollinators is part of the GROWMARK sustainability initiative called ENDURE. “Sustainability is a very hot topic in the world today,” said GROWMARK Director of Strategic Agronomy Marketing Lance Ruppert. “As a company we’re trying to look at our internal actions to be sustainable as a system and get that message out.” Because pollinator health is so critical, Ruppert says … Read More

ARS Genebank Will Preserve Bee Genetic Diversity

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With the nation’s beekeepers continuing to face problems with honeybee loss, the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) is creating a national bee gene bank to preserve the genetic diversity of bees.  Of special interest are traits resistant to pests or disease and pollination efficiency.  The new genebank will also be a resource for the ARS and others interested in researching better bee breeds. … Read More