Haagen-Dazs Brand Helps Bees Thrive

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The Häagen-Dazs Brand® is helping to support bee populations by working together with their farmer suppliers. The ice cream brand has planted one of the largest, privately-funded pollinator habitats on a almond farmer’s land in Chowchilla, California. The “Häagen-Dazs Loves Honey Bees” program was originally launched in 2008 and began with research and educational funding. This new six and a half … Read More

5th Annual Bayer Bee Care Award Seeks Nominations

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The Bayer Bee Care Community Leadership Award recognizes a grower, researcher, golf course superintendents or other stakeholder who is working with a beekeeper to protect pollinators. It also honors a young beekeeper involved in pollinator initiatives in his or her school or community. The winning partners receive $5,000 towards their collaboration and the youth will receive $1,000 for their project. … Read More

Feed A Bee Offers Grants for Pollinator Forage

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Dr. Becky Langer attended last week’s Bayer #Advocay Forum and we caught up with her there to get more details on Bayer’s latest Feed a Bee announcement. To promote their new goal of providing pollinator forge in all 50 states, the Bayer Bee Care program is offering a total of $500,000 for grant projects over the next two years. Proposals … Read More

Bayer Aims to Support Pollinator Projects in 50 States

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The Feed a Bee program has planted more than 2 billion wildflowers with the help of 900,000 individuals and 117 partner organizations in the past three years, but Bayer says it’s not stopping there. The company recently requested proposals to establish pollinator forage in all 50 states by 2018, hoping to build upon their success and move the needle forward. … Read More

New Research to Help Honey Bees

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The National Agricultural Genotyping Center (NAGC) has conducted research and developed a testing panel that will offer beekeepers more effective methods to identify and address disease in bee colonies. “Bee Care” launches next month, thanks in part to the support of the National Corn Growers Association and the North Dakota Department of Agriculture. “American agriculture relies upon healthy pollinators. Recent … Read More

Three Organizations Partner for Pollinators

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture hosted an announcement between themselves, General Mills, and the largest and oldest pollinator conservation organization, the Xerces Society this morning. The three organizations are joining together to protect the habitats of pollinators on hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland. The project is a five-year, $4 million commitment to provide the technical assistance for planting … Read More

Celebrate Fall with Bayer Bee Care

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Fall is a time of pumpkin pie and hot apple cider, but neither of these would be possible without the hard work of pollinators.  To honor the efforts of these busy creatures, Bayer is celebrating fall with their Feed a Bee program and the planting of wildflowers and dedicated forage areas. Feed a Bee and The Wildlife Society (TWS) are … Read More

Bayer Cares for Bees at #FarmProgressShow

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Bayer is no stranger to Bee Care.  Through the years they’ve offered a variety of programs to support these important pollinators and at the Farm Progress Show I had the opportunity to talk with Becky Langer about their newest initiatives. Healthy Hives was launched last year, with a focus on researching four key areas relating to bee health: pests and … Read More

Michigan Students Study Bee Populations

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August marks the month bees in Michigan will begin producing honey, and researchers at Grand Valley State University will take advantage of what they can learn from that with a $2.3 million grant from the USDA to study the decline in honeybee population. The four-year, $200,000 study at Grand Valley, led by Jonathan Engelsma, professor of computing, will focus on … Read More

USDA Announces Measures for Pollinator Health

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What better time than during National Pollinator Week for the USDA to announce two new initiatives to support the President’s National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honeybees and Other Pollinators.  To date the most popular conservation program has resulted in at least 15 million acres of healthy habitat for pollinators.  The USDA is also beginning a new partnership with … Read More