Tweet Bee Emojis ? To Help #FeedABee

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feedabee Today’s pollinators are facing a multitude of challenges, but their role in agriculture and human life remains as important as ever, and The Bayer Bee Care Center is continuing to make a tremendous impact on the lives of our nation’s pollinators. Aside from the program’s efforts in supporting research and educating beekeepers and farmers, the center’s #FeedABee social media campaign is working to significantly increase the dialogue and communication about these issues throughout the agriculture industry and the public.

Feed A Bee launched in 2015 with the goals of planting 50 million flowers and gaining the support of 50 partners to assist in dedicating larger pieces of land to the pollinator forage. Participants were able to order wildflower seed packets online, and were encouraged to share the experience on social media. The campaign exceeded their 50 million flower goal quickly,with 65 million flowers planted by the end of 2015, and gained 75 partners along the way.

In an interview during our latest ZimmCast, Becky Langer, Bayer Bee Care Center Director, touched on the latest updates to the #FeedABee campaign and the ways that the program works to get people involved in pollinator protect.

“An interactive way that people can become directly involved with the program this year is by tweeting the bee emoji? directly from their smartphone or iPad with the hashtag #FeedABee,” said Langer. “We go through those tweets, and every bee emoji tweet we see will trigger us to plant on that person’s behalf while we’re helping the pollinators.”

The hashtag has created a network of educational information and communication opportunities for outreach programs, farmers, or anyone interested in pollinator well-being.

“This year we have a #FeedABee tab on our website, and that tab is aggregating all of the photos that are tagged with #FeedABee. You can see what other people are doing to help pollinators, some really cool pictures of bees, and a lot of people provide some really helpful information,” said Langer. “It really combines our resources and allows members of the community to provide their expertise into the program as well.”

Learn more about the #FeedABee program and the other ways Bayer is working to promote pollinator protection in the full ZimmCast with Becky:
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