Deere’s 6R Series Tractors Feature Single-Lever Control

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John Deere showcased new features available on 6R Series tractors at the 2018 Farm Progress Show.

“The main new feature for 6Rs this year is this new CommandPro multi-function control lever we have on the tractor,” said Lyle McMillan, product marketing manager. “And really what that is, is giving operators the ability to control their tractor and their implement all in the palm of their right hand, within fingertip reach.”

McMillan said the new lever increases efficiency and operator comfort, with lots of technology built in. Operators can configure 11 different buttons to suit the activity they are trying to accomplish.

“When you reconfigure these 11 buttons on the CommandPro, you can save them in the display and then bring them up whenever you need. For instance, if you have a certain set of buttons that you want to be configured for baling, you can save that profile for baling, and then you can retrieve it at any point in the future if you want to. Or, you can save your settings according to operator if you have multiple operators running this machine.”

Traditional controls are still available if that’s what an operator prefers. Other new features on the 6R include standard JD Link, as well as larger hydraulic pump and variable ratio steering on some tractors.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Lyle here: FPS18 Deere 6R series updates interview with Lyle McMillan

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ASTA Requests Seed Exemption on Chinese Tariffs List

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The American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) is requesting that seeds for sowing be exempted from the proposed list of supplemental retaliatory tariffs on China.

“While we support the administration’s push for stronger intellectual property protection and enforcement globally, at the end of the day, the majority of these proposed tariffs will be levied on seeds owned by small and medium U.S.-based companies, not Chinese-owned corporations,” said ASTA President & CEO Andrew LaVigne. “For 2019, small and medium seed companies estimate tariff-related losses could range from $80,000 to $2,000,000 per company, depending on the company’s footprint in China. And the resulting cost will ultimately be felt by American farmers and consumers.”

The United States is the largest market for seed in the world, and the largest global seed exporter, and China is the second largest market for planting seeds after the U.S. ASTA has worked with the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture for over a decade and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the China National Seed Association (CNSA) with the ultimate goal of developing stronger intellectual property understanding and protection for plant breeders in China.

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Precision Ag Bytes 9/12

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  • The University of Missouri and the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center announced that The Ohio State University professor R. Keith Slotkin, and Iowa State professor Bing Yang, have been appointed to joint faculty positions at MU and the Danforth Center.
  • Raven Industries and Topcon Agriculture, announced a licensing agreement for Topcon Agriculture’s use of the Slingshot Application Programming Interface in its various software platforms.
  • The A & L research agronomy team has developed and launched VitTellussm Soil Health, next generation Soil Health Test and recommendation package to help farmers and crop consultants make more informed decisions on application of nutrients, and managing and improving their soil. The VitTellus Soil Health test is available worldwide and can be accessed through the VitTellus website.
  • HELM Agro US, Inc. has received EPA registration for FEARLESS® and FEARLESS® XTRA herbicides, two acetochlor-based weed control tools for corn.
  • Syngenta announced the release of 32 new NK® corn hybrids for the 2019 growing season, further revitalizing the brand’s corn product lineup to support farmers.
  • Soil experts Ray Archuleta, Dave Brandt, Gabe Brown and Allen Williams, Ph.D. have teamed up to help other producers practically and successfully apply soil health-focused, regenerative agriculture systems through their new venture, Soil Health Consultants, LLC.
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Deere Adds to Tillage Lineup

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John Deere featured its 2680H High-Performance Disk at the 2018 Farm Progress Show.

For use in both spring and fall, the equipment boasts a productive top speed of 14 miles per hour and compact transport dimensions for ease of transitioning on the roadways. The medium to high intensity disk will incorporate more residue into the soil, allowing it to break down more quickly, according to Paul Richardel with John Deere.

“This was a tool that we were really proud to announce alongside of our 2660VT, knowing that both of these tools are engaging in different parts of the market from low to medium intensity. This tool, the 2680H, is addressing the medium to high intensity. We really wanted to show how they complement each other but really they’re different and are addressing different parts of our market,” said Richardel.

Options for operators include 15 different models ranging from 8-foot to 45-foot wide for use in multiple applications from orchards to row crops and commercial agriculture. The 2680H high-performance disk will be available for order beginning in the spring of 2019.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Paul here: FPS 18 Deere 2680H High-Performance Disk Interview with Paul Richardel

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USFRA Keeping Agriculture EngAGed

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USFRA CEO Erin Fitzgerald and chair Brad Greenway visit BASF Living Acres at FPS18

Before they got rained out, U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) chairman Brad Greenway and new CEO Erin Fiztgerald had the opportunity to spend some time at the Farm Progress Show and highlight “Honoring the Harvest,” which elevates stewardship and sustainability on today’s farms and ranches.

“When we Honor the Harvest, it’s crucial that everyone is involved,” says Greenway. “In thinking back to 2010 when U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance was formed, every major agricultural organization and commodity group had a seat at the table. To convene a dialogue with stakeholders and the food leaders of tomorrow, strength in numbers from all of modern agriculture helped make this happen.”

In this interview, Greenway also talks about USFRA’s EngAGe App, which helps farmers and ranchers keep up with current news and trending topics in food and agriculture and amplify agriculture’s voice. Interview with Brad Greenway, USFRA chair

To find out more about the EngAGe app – how to sign up, download, use, etc. – just click here.

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Teralytic Earns Ag Data Transparent Certification

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Soil analytics company Teralytic has completed the Ag Data Transparent certification, affirming that their data use is private, secure, and transparent. Teralytic, which recently released the world’s first wireless NPK sensor in their comprehensive soil probes, joins companies like John Deere, Farmers’ Business Network, GROWMARK, Granular and more in bringing data transparency and consumer trust to the forefront.

“The Teralytic platform collects data from the fields every single day for our farmers,” says Steve Ridder, Founder and CEO of Teralytic. “We know that this information is incredibly valuable and sensitive, and we want to reassure our users that we offer complete transparency on how we collect, use, and share data. By completing this verification, we hope more farmers have the confidence to embrace precision ag technologies to increase yield and improve soil health.”

To earn the seal, companies must complete the Ag Data Transparency Evaluator process, which is reviewed by an independent third-party administrator. These results can be viewed on the Ag Data Transparent website.

Ag Data Transparent certification allows companies that engage in and collect on-farm data to align to industry-wide principles to build trust with precision ag technology users. These core principles include: transparency in data collection, access, use, portability, availability, and retention. The non-profit Ag Data Transparency Evaluator, Inc.-formed by the American Farm Bureau Federation and other interested organizations and companies-audits each company’s ag data contracts to ensure it is transparent, upfront, and simple.

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John Deere Announces Upgrades to Utility Tractors

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John Deere introduced Model Year 2019 updates to its 5R Series of utility tractors at the 2018 Farm Progress Show.

“We’re really excited about the additional options that we’re offering on our 5R series utility tractors. Some of them are a first for our utility tractors, especially when it comes to technology,” said John Doyle, product marketing manager.

In addition to new technology, new features also include improvements to steering and suspension. A reconfigurable joystick is another upgrade that will provide ease of use for operators. Doyle said published test results also show the 5R Series tractor to be the most fuel efficient utility tractor in its class.

The 2019 models will be available for order beginning November 1, 2018.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with John here: FPS18 Deere interview with John Doyle, 5R series utility tractors

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2018 Farm Progress Show Photo Album

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BASF Spotlights Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0 at #FPS18

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A semi truck wrapped with a Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0 message greeted visitors to the Farm Progress Show last week, letting them know that this revolutionary biological is now part of the BASF portfolio.

“Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0 enhances the microbial activity around the corn root and the result is greater nutrient availability and uptake by the growing plant,” said Kerry Grossweiler with BASF during an interview at FPS. The main addition to the insecticide/nematicide combination of Poncho/VOTiVO is soil health benefits.

The acquisition of Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0 by BASF from Bayer was only finalized a few weeks before Farm Progress, so representatives are working to assure growers that the product will still be available for the 2019 planting season as planned. “We want growers to go in and talk to their seed retailers and dealers and ask for more information about Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0,” Grossweiler said.

As the 2.0 implies, this product is an improvement over Poncho/VOTiVO, which is already used on over 40 million acres. “Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0 brings a new biologic, a new bacteria to the soil, and brings 2.8 bushels per acre greater than Poncho/VOTiVO,” James Rutledge, Product Development.

Learn more in these interviews with Kerry and James from FPS.

FPS18 Interview with Kerry Grossweiler about Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0

FPS18 BASF Interview with James Rutledge, Product Development, Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0

BASF at the 2018 Farm Progress Show

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John Deere Adds to Precision Technology Suite

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John Deere rolled out the new 4240 Universal Display, AutoTrac™ Universal 300 guidance solution and updated 18-2 Gen 4 software during the 2018 Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa.

The guidance system offers ergonomic improvements for users and can fit into hundreds of different machines, according to John Mishler, tactical marketing manager. He said the display offers more choices for customers, and noted both units have weather resistant casings to protect from snow, rain and dust.

“I think really it’s all about being able to extend that Gen4 experience to more of a customer’s fleet,” said Mishler. “Some customers don’t have all John Deere equipment with integrated AutoTrac. So this gives them the opportunity to use John Deere AutoTrac along with a Gen4 auto display and really have that same user experience across their entire machine fleet.”

The new products are available for order from John Deere dealers now, with shipments scheduled for later this year.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with John here: FPS18 Interview with John Mishler, Deere tactical marketing manager

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2018 Farm Progress Show Photo Album

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ASTA Outlines Seed Industry Priorities for Farm Bill

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The 2018 Farm Bill Conference Committee is holding its first public meeting today in Washington and the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) has notified committee members of key provisions important to the seed industry within the legislation. In a recent letter to Conferees, ASTA highlighted priorities within the Conservation, Trade, Research, Horticulture and Crop Insurance titles.

ASTA CEO Andy LaVigne says among priorities in the Conservation title is concern about a provision in the House version that would limit the cost share for seed in the Conservation Reserve Program to 25-percent. “In order to promote transparency in conservation seed mix formulations, ASTA suggests conference report language directing states to form standing Seed Subcommittees under the State Technical Committees,” says LaVigne.

In addition, related to conservation but under the Crop Insurance title, ASTA supports language in the Senate bill which amends the Federal Crop Insurance Act to clarify conditions for voluntary conservation practices, including cover crops.

In the Trade title, ASTA supports language in both versions that would merge the Market Access Program (MAP), the Foreign Market Development Program (FMD), the Technical Assistance for Specialty Crops Program (TASC), and the Emerging Markets Program (EMP) and provide funding for the merged programs at or above current levels.

LaVigne says ASTA is also supporting new authorization of $200 million in mandatory funds for research, which is included in the Senate bill but not the House, and specific language in the Horticulture title to amend the Plant Variety Protection Act to include asexually propagated materials such as flowers. as well as language in the House Farm Bill which creates a definition for biostimulants.

LaVigne talks about ASTA priorities and his thoughts on when a final bill will be completed in this interview:
Interview with ASTA CEO Andy LaVigne on Farm Bill priorities

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