New Features for Falcon Soil Samplers

Lizzy Schultz

Falcon Soil Technology has added new mapping and live sampling tracking features to the Model 5000 Automated Sampling System, allowing soil samplers to now collect, map and share soil sample information within the same system. The new capabilities add mapping features and live sample tracking within one system, and will allow for faster preparation of fields while utilizing the existing …

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Microbial Content Could Change Future of Soil Testing

Kelly Marshall

If soil sampling for information about fertilizer application or soil pH is important on your farm then changes may be in your future.  The Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) recently released a blog post that goes into detail about the presence of microbes in the soil how that affects nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium recommendations. “In a recent Canadian study, straw …

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Celebrating Two Years Of Soil Health Partnership

Lizzy Schultz

The Soil Health Partnership (SHP) is beginning its third year of operation, seeing increasing strength and participation from the industry with each year. The organization hosted a learning session at the 2016 Commodity Classic, giving industry professionals an opportunity to learn more about the farmer-led conservation initiative of the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA). SHP also hosted a panel of …

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Farmers Edge Expands Precision Solutions

Kelly Marshall

Earlier this year the global precision agriculture and data management solutions company, Farmers Edge broke into the U.S. market.  Now they’re expanding their presence in the major growing areas of Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri and Kansas. Whereas blue-chip agriculture giants and big data startups rely heavily on existing public data and have stagnated in major …

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Woods End Releases Field Test for Soil Biology

Kelly Marshall

An manufacture of soil respiration and amino-nitrogen soil tests, Woods End Laboratories, has announced the release of the Solvita® Field Test.  The test allows growers and crop consultants to skip the expense of sending samples to a lab and save time with on-site evaluations of soil biology. As growers have become more interested in biological soil fertility – more popularly known …

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LBIS Takes Precision Ag to a New Level

Joanna Schroeder

Science is fun. Let me explain. During the Vedesian Life Sciences Los Alamos Media Tour we learned about a cool soil sampling technology coined Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LBIS). In an attempt to not use to much technical jargon, LBIS is a focused pulse laser beam that generates a microplasma (think spec or dot). From here, the emission from the plasma …

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Agronomic Innovations Buys AgRobotics

Cindy Zimmerman

Agronomic Innovations of Brighton, Illinois has acquired Arkansas-based AgRobotics and their patented AutoProbe precision soil sampler. “Everything begins with the soil,” says Agronomics Innovations c-owner Allen Lash. “Pinpoint sample integrity is what the AutoProbe offers. ‘Big Data’ is only as good as the initial measurement integrity. Spot sampling isn’t precision. You only understand what’s happening in that spot where the …

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New Soil Health Toolbox Evaluates Plant Nutrients

Jamie Johansen

Now, labs can test soil health more accurately with a new Soil Health Nutrient Toolbox from Woods End Laboratories in Mt. Vernon, Maine. “Years of research have led to this new way of testing soil,” Woods End Founder William Brinton, Ph.D., said. “Now, three labs are offering the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Soil Health Nutrient Toolbox, and we hope …

Agribusiness, Soil, Soil Sampling Podcast: Know your soils

Meghan Grebner

Knowing your soils could be the difference between an average crop and a bumper crop.  Neal Kinsey,  a soil fertility specialist from Charleston, Missouri says sometimes the problem isn’t that there aren’t enough nutrients – but there are too many.  And that could restrict a crop’s yield. In this Podcast, sponsored by Ag Leader Technology, we’ll take a look at …

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