GROWMARK Leader in #Propane Use Expansion

Joanna Schroeder

Propane continues to expand into new areas from grain drying to new irrigation engines. To learn more about propane, Cindy Zimmerman spoke with Becky Hornblower, GROWMARK’s propane marketing and technical services manager, to get a handle on all things propane including its expanded use in agriculture. As the forth largest propane retailer in the country, they have quite a member …

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Netafim Offers Resource for Alfalfa Growers

Kelly Marshall

Netafim, a global leader in marketing drip irrigation products, marks its 50th anniversary with a new resource for growers.  Drip Irrigated Alfalfa: How Subsurface Drip Irrigation Increases Productivity with Less Water is a paper available to download for free that provides farmers with a variety of information. This resource offers insight on the benefits and issues of irrigated alfalfa, rodent management, installation …

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HydroBio Earns Patent for Irrigation Technology

Kelly Marshall

HydroBio began in 2013 with an innovative algorithm.  Today they are an emerging global leader in precision technology with a newly awarded patent for a targeted irrigation management system. The system estimates the water needs of a crop using satellite imagery and weather data.  Each plant becomes a mixture probe, giving growers actionable data and allowing for precise irrigation. HydroBio …

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PERC Says Propane Irrigation Engines Save Money

Joanna Schroeder

All growers are looking for ways to lower costs and propane may just be one way to do this. According to research conducted by the Propane Research and Education Council (PERC) on its Propane Farm Incentive Program. To learn more about the program and how farmers can get involved and save money, Chuck Zimmerman spoke with PERC’s Director of Agriculture …

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HydroBio & Monsanto Partner for Sustainability

Kelly Marshall

HydroBio, Inc., a company with expertise in remote sensing analytics and irrigation management, has form a partnership with Monsanto Company to further increase sustainability and supply chain productivity. HydroBio will use satellite imagery and advanced agronomic modeling to increase farm productivity and manage natural resources using Monsanto’s Global Supply Chain division.  The field monitoring platform will use hyper-local weather data and satellite …

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Valley Irrigation – Tech & Support Update

Jamie Johansen

The worry of flat tires in the field are over thanks to Valley Irrigation. The Valley® Revolution™ airless tire utilizes technology eliminating those flats at the center pivot. While at the 2016 National Farm Machinery Show (NFMS), Jim Winders, territory manager for Valley, explained. “Valley has designed an airless aperture style tire. There are plastic tires. There are steel tires …

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Monitoring Irrigation Remotely Saves Money

Taylor Truckey

AgSense, a web-based service that offers remote irrigation and pivot monitoring, continues to add value for customers. Tanner Oliphant, with AgSense, shared the latest with AgWired while at the National Farm Machinery Show last week. AgSense added a new product this year that integrates specifically with Valley digital panels into their product line. Remote monitoring allows customers to see where …

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NutriSphere-N Shown to Increase Corn Yield

Kelly Marshall

Three years of study have shown NutriSphere-N Nitrogen Fertilizer Manger to increase yields more than 10 bushel per acre on corn when applied through a center-pivot irrigation system. Irrigation Research Foundation, a private, non-profit, independent research and demonstration farm located in Yuma, Colorado provided the research.  Executive Director, Charles Corey, explains that use of NutriSphere-N made nitrogen more available for plants, regardless …

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Trimble Enhances Irrigate-IQ Solution

Kelly Marshall

Trimble is excited to introduced its Irrigate-IQ™ optimal flow solution.  Now even growers without a variable frequency drive can focus irrigation onto areas of a field that produce at the highest rates. Irrigate-IQ optimal flow enables growers who have standard irrigation pump equipment to incorporate no spray areas within their irrigation plan. By utilizing no spray areas, growers concentrate their …

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AL Extension Hosts Precision Ag Workshop

Kelly Marshall

January 28, 2016 is the date scheduled for the Precision Agriculture Workshop in Auburn, Alabama.  Hosted by the Auburn University and Alabama Extension professionals, the event will cover cutting edge precision with demonstrations by Extension professionals and private companies.  The workshop will take place at the Auburn University Dixon Hotel and Conference Center. “There are still lots of farmers in …

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