Enlist™ Ahead app for Enlist Weed Control System

Jamie Johansen

Dow AgroSciences unveiled, the Enlist™ Ahead app offers growers and applicators vital herbicide application information from a single source. The app, designed for use with the Enlist Weed Control System, is a precision agriculture tool for maximizing weed control performance, managing weed resistance and making responsible applications of Enlist Duo™ herbicide with Colex-D™ Technology. Regulatory approvals are pending for the …

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Alta Seeds to Launch 1st Herbicide Tolerant Sorghum Hybrids

Jamie Johansen

Alta Seeds, the premium brand of Advanta, a leading international supplier of proprietary crop genetics, will demonstrate the first herbicide tolerant sorghum hybrids in their 2014 trials in Hereford, Texas. The first grain sorghum hybrids with this trait will be introduced commercially by Alta Seeds in 2016. Herbicide tolerant grain sorghum will give growers greater ability to control yield-limiting grassy …

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NUFARM Introduces Cheetah Herbicide

Jamie Johansen

Nufarm announces the introduction of Cheetah® herbicide, a non-selective herbicide that provides quicker, more reliable control of glyphosate-resistant broadleaf weeds in high-value crops such as tree nuts, grapes, bushberries, pome and stone fruit, citrus, sweet corn and olives. Cheetah is also labeled for use as a desiccant on potato vines. Cheetah herbicide is a Group 10 herbicide (glutamine synthetase chemicals …

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Genome Database to Aid Fruit Growers & Scientists

Jamie Johansen

Scientists and growers can use a new genome database developed in part by University of Florida researchers to help make fruit trees more disease and pest resistant and enhance crop quality. Researchers who study citrus, rosaceae and vaccinium crops will be the primary users of the portal, said Mercy Olmstead, assistant professor of horticultural sciences at UF’s Institute of Food …

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Syngenta’s New Acuron Herbicide Brand Signature

Jamie Johansen

As Acuron™ corn herbicide (SYN-A197) from Syngenta moves toward expected EPA registration for the 2015 growing season, the unveiling of the brand signature is the latest milestone in the herbicide’s development. Within the Acuron signature, four inverted triangles adjoin to create a star. Each triangle represents the herbicide’s four active ingredients, including new bicyclopyrone. Syngenta developed the star icon to …

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National Summit on Herbicide Resistance Scheduled

Jamie Johansen

The Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) have announced plans for a second national scientific summit on the topic of herbicide resistance on September 10th in Washington, D.C. The event will be hosted by National Research Council at the Auditorium in the National Academy of Sciences Building on Constitution Avenue and will draw public policy makers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, growers …

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Preventive Resistance from Sygenta

Jamie Johansen

Herbicide resistance has become an increasingly troublesome concern for farmers across the country. As farmers begin planting their 2014 crops, they will be interested in learning more about herbicide resistance in the U.S. and how to fight it. This infographic from Syngenta below shows the history and expansion of herbicide resistance across the country, a guide on which weeds to …

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FMC’s Solutions for Southern Rice Growers

Jamie Johansen

Don Johnson is FMC’s Tech Service Sales Manager for the Southern Region. Chuck met up with him during the Mid-South Farm & Gin Show in Memphis last week and talked about what FMC has available for rice farmers. Don also reminded attendees as they walked through their booth that FMC has a wide product portfolio that includes something for all …

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Better Model, Better Weed Resistance Predictor

John Davis

A better simulation model will give producers a better predictor of when weeds will develop herbicide resistance. An article in the journal Weed Technology talks about how the model will predict when rice fields’ biggest scourge, barnyardgrass, will become resistant to two widely used herbicides – propanil and quinclorac. [The] model that can analyze the simultaneous evolution of resistance to …