View Crops with Live Streaming Video

Kelly Marshall

Precision agriculture means growers are constantly pushing the envelope to monitor crops and turn that data into decision-making tools which offer an economic edge.  For some that means in-field video feed, for others its uploading captured photos for viewing remotely.  Both have advantages and disadvantages. Now KenCast is offering the next level of aerial imagery.  Using HD streaming cellular or satellite networks the …

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InterDrone 2016 Won’t Disappoint

Jamie Johansen

InterDrone’s debut event in 2015 brought in an impressive 2,797 delegates from 48 nations and returns to Las Vegas Sept. 7-9 in a premier location: The Paris Las Vegas Hotel. The ZimmComm family of agricultural news sites is once again a media sponsor and wanted to share how this year’s event will top the debut just a year ago. Three …

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NCGA Applauds New FAA Rule On Drones

Lizzy Schultz

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has officially announced its final rule, effective this August, governing commercial uses of small unmanned aerial systems (UAS), or drones. “We’re pleased that the FAA recognizes the important commercial applications for UAS technology, and has created rules that will put the technology in farmers’ hands,” said Maryland farmer Chip Bowling, President of National Corn Growers …

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PrecisionHawk Forms Strategic Partnerships

Kelly Marshall

In today’s world customers are better served when companies work together.  That’s why PrecisionHawk has formed two new partnerships to bring solutions to drone users. This first is a collaboration with Insitu, a subsidiary of Boeing and leader in providing information for decision-making.  The two have announced an alliance to offer expansive aerial technology services in the commercial and enterprise markets. …

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COPTRZ Offers Affordable Aerial Surveys

Kelly Marshall

Until now an aerial survey has generally been limited to large-budget farms, but a new company, COPTRZ is excited to make the process more affordable with the use of UAVs.  Theses “geeks” as they proudly call themselves, are passionate about the technology potential that comes from a drone and want to make those tools available to any grower. “Farms using drones for aerial surveys …

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SLANTRANGE Produces More Efficient Sensors, Analytics

Kelly Marshall

SLANTRANGE is a pioneer of smarter solutions to aerial remote sensing and analytics for precision agriculture.  In their attempts to offer new layers of information and provide more control and predictability for agricultural land, the company has produced two new sensors.  The SL2i and SL2p, combined with a new version of SLANTVIEW, the data analytics software, have a total of …

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AgEagle Chooses Botlink as Drone Partner

Kelly Marshall

All AgEagle aircraft from AgEagle Aerial Systems, Inc., will now include drone operation platforms from Botlink, LLC. Botlink’s real-time safety and data technology will combine with AgEagle’s farm-focued aircraft for provide growers with situational awareness. The Botlink platform will allow the drones to connect to the Internet to capture, process and deliver imagery in real time.  Memory cards and downloading …

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Pioneer, PrecisionHawk Accelerate Use of Aerial Data

Kelly Marshall

DuPont Pioneer has come on board as a strategic investor for the innovation and global expansion of PrecisionHawk. DuPont joins Intel Capital, Verizon Ventures, Yamaha Motor, USAA, NTT Docomo, Millennium Technology Value Partners and the Innovate Indiana Fund in an investment that brings PrecisionHawk’s total funding to more than $30 million.  The new technology that will be made available by …

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Gearing Up for InfoAg Conference 2016

Kelly Marshall

It might be their off-season, but the people behind the InfoAg Conference aren’t taking it easy.  Harold Reetz, the original founder of the event, recently traveled to the 2016 Commodity Classic.  His goal in attending the event was to share more about the opportunities available at InfoAg with the great group of farmers who come to Commodity Classic. Since 1995, …

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Botlink Offers First Internet-Connected Drone

Kelly Marshall

Botlink has created the first Internet-connected 3DR Solo drone.  Solo uses Botlink’s XRD cellular device to capture, process and deliver images to the cloud in real time. The Botlink XRD is an FCC-approved cellular device that allows users to send and receive data through a secure connection to the Verizon LTE network. The XRD includes antennas that pick up high-bandwidth …

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