New Professional Mapping Drones From Lehmann

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, drone

New L-A Series 01Lehmann Aviation is releasing a new L-A Series of professional mapping drones.  The series consists of three fully automatic drones: the LA500 designed for mining and construction, the LA500-RTK for mapping and DEM, and the LA500-AG for precision agriculture.

The new L-A series was totally redesigned from scratch, putting together 10 years of operational experience and customers suggestions, from all around the world. Made of aluminium, carbon fibre and EPP foam, with a new unique modular design and new powerful autopilot, the systems are even more rugged, reliable and easier to use than previous aircraft, at the same ultra-competitive and unmatched prices on the market.

Now totally modular by design, which enables to replace or upgrade any part of the drone if needed without changing the whole system, the new L-A Series will provide the best R.O.I. to its owners, now and in the future. Coming with detachable winglets while keeping the same small weight of less than 1250gr/44oz (maximum, including the camera), the drones are also much more compact and easy to transport.

The drones are programmed and controlled through Windows 10, using OperationCenter V2 software.  The software offers many new features and boasts the world’s most advanced control for fixed wing drones.  The aircraft are compatible with a simple GoPro Hero4 camera or a Sony α6000 (24.3Mp on a large APS-C sensor), multispectral Sequoia (LA500-AG only), thermal Flir View Pro.  It can take pictures at a range of just over 15 miles and can fly for up to 45 minutes.

Delivery of the L-A Series will be available late this year.