Take Command of Planting With SureStop

Chuck Zimmerman

Another Ag Leader Technology helpful representative I met at the Farm Progress Show was Chad Huedepohl. He was showing growers their new SureStop Electric Row Clutch. The product was in limited release a year ago but now they’ve done a full release and Chad says the product has generated a lot of interest. He says the SureStop basically shuts down …

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New SMS Software From Ag Leader Technology

Chuck Zimmerman

When you visit a farm show the first question I hear asked is, “What’s new?” In the Ag Leader Technology exhibit at the Farm Progress Show Jess Ahrens answered that by telling me about the latest version of their SMS software. She says they’ve just released Version 9.5 which supports more monitor types including the Hemishpere and AutoFarm GPS displays. …

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Is COOL For Fuel Cool?

Chuck Zimmerman

Many of you corn growers using precision technology are very aware of the challenges we’ve had in the ethanol business, especially battling groups with an agenda to distort facts and misinform the public. Growth Energy is a group that was formed to battle that problem on Capitol Hill. Here at the Farm Progress Show, Gen. Wesley Clark, Growth Energy, announced …

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Precision.AgWired.com Podcast

Cindy Zimmerman

We are happy to introduce a new and improved Precision.AgWired.com Podcast, a monthly feature with news and information important for growers who want to produce more efficiently. Thanks to Ag Leader Technology for their sponsorship. In this first edition of the podcast, we hear from champions who choose precision technology and how taking your software mapping solutions to the field …

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InfoAg Talk: Understand Nutrient Variability

Kurt Lawton

Growers need to focus on getting the right nutrient source applied at the right time, rate and place, says Steve Phillips, southeast region director of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI). In his talk at the recent InfoAg precision agriculture conference, Phillips outlined the top 10 reasons why we need to understand spatial variability for nutrient management. 10. We need …

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InfoAg Talk: Soil Management Zones Increase N Efficiency

Kurt Lawton

Ten years of research by Dr. Raj Khosla and his precision agriculture grad students at Colorado State University has produced a soil color based management zone technique that accurately optimizes Nitrogen use efficiency within and across zones in given corn fields. “Once farmers realize the value of varying N rates based on field productivity zones, most want to add more …

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InfoAg Talk: Technology You Can Use

Kurt Lawton

Speaking at the bi-annual precision agriculture InfoAg conference in Springfield, Ill., recently, Utah State Geospatial Extension Specialist Phil Rasmussen talked about the latest tools he uses in the field. Rasmussen has worked with NASA on remote sensing projects, and 10 years ago began a geospatial training program for County Extension agents called “On Target.” In his talk he highlighted the …

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