Precision Mixing? There’s an App for That!

John Davis

In this edition of the Podcast, sponsored by Ag Leader Technology, we hear about a new app that can help producers more precisely mix crop protection products. Precision Laboratories, an agricultural chemical company, has developed, Mix Tank, an iPhone-based app that allows you to save custom tank mixes and share them via email, Twitter and Facebook. You can hear …

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Deere Offers Nutrient Management Advice at Classic

Cindy Zimmerman

“Balancing Fertilizer Price Risk and In-Field Management to Optimize Yield and Profitability” was the topic of a Learning Session at the 2011 Commodity Classic in Tampa last week, sponsored by John Deere. Deere’s Pauley Bradley, manager of nutrient applications, had a full house for the session which discussed nitrogen practices today, concerns that fall anhydrous application may not be around …

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SMS Software Customer Training is Valuable

Melissa Sandfort

Casey Schlichting, corn and soybean grower from Clear Lake, Iowa, farms about 1,300 acres with his father and uncle. For about seven years, he and his family have utilized SMS Software from Ag Leader – a data storage solution that captures data from planting, fertilizing, spraying, harvest or guidance, and houses it all and organizes it for easy access. Casey …

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Ag Leader Mesa A Fully Functional Handheld

Chuck Zimmerman

At the National Farm Machinery Show Pete Youngblut, who works in the Ag Leader Technology software support group, brought me up to date on the new Mesa handeld rugged notebook that is SMS™ Mobile compatible. It allows a customer to go to the field to do crop scouting, set boundaries and more, then bring it back to sync with desktop …

Ag Leader, Audio, Displays, National Farm Machinery Show Panel Discusses Precision Ag Maximizing Yields

John Davis

In this edition of the Podcast, sponsored by Ag Leader Technology, we hear from a panel that discussed how to maximize yields using precision ag techniques. David Waits, President and CEO, SST Software, was joined by Terry Griffin, Professor of Production Economics and Row-Crop Farm Management at the University of Arkansas and Bruce Erickson, Director of Cropping Systems Management …

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Helping Make Precision Pay

Chuck Zimmerman

Precision ag was the topic of several educational seminars at the Western Farm Show. The presenter was Lucas Haag, Kansas State University Research and Education. The seminar going on in the photo focused on improving profitability. That’s something that any farmer would like to know. I think Lucas continued the discussion with some of the attendees long after it was …

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John Deere Re-introduces JDLink

Chuck Zimmerman

At the National Farm Machinery Show I visited with the AMS Group at John Deere. Aaron Bartholomay, not pictured, told me they were re-introducing the JDLink System. This system allows for wireless communication with your equipment that makes remote management possible. They also have a new website for the system. I also had him talk about the John Deere “i’s,” …

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Equipment Technologies Creates OH/IN Network

Chuck Zimmerman

The home of Apache Sprayers is Equipment Technologies, based in Indiana. I spoke with Kevin Covey and Jake Ridenour at the National Farm Machinery Show and learned that they’ve created a Raven Slingshot network over all of Indiana and Ohio! They said that using the Slingshot technology they’ve deployed base stations to provide overlapping 30 mile RTK coverage areas. This …

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