Crop Scouting With ScoutPro

Chuck Zimmerman

Entrepreneurship is alive and well at Iowa State University. I visited with Michael Koenig at the Farm Progress Show about it. ScoutPro, a business started by 3 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences students at Iowa State University will be launching their first products: ScoutPro Lite™ Soybean and ScoutPro Lite™ Corn at the 2011 Farm Progress Show on Aug 30-31 …

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Precision Ag Training is Key

Melissa Sandfort

Ag Leader Technology is continuously helping growers leap over the hurdles when it comes to apprehension about adopting precision ag technology. We’ve covered the cost of the new equipment and tools and whether or not it’s user-friendly, so today, we’re talking with MAPS Manager Terry Panbecker with NEW Cooperative in Fort Dodge, Iowa, about: Obstacle #3: Training & Troubleshooting We …

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Giving User-Friendly New Meaning

Melissa Sandfort

Ag Leader recognizes that there are many obstacles farmers face when it comes to choosing precision ag equipment. Last week, we talked with a dealer in Oregon about the cost involved with adopting the new technology, and this week: Obstacle #2: Is Precision Ag User-Friendly? Do you feel like there’s a steep learning curve in using precision agriculture or that …

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Hook up with CropNAtion at GROWMARK

Cindy Zimmerman

At the 2011 Farm Progress Show, GROWMARK is showcasing CropNAtion “the place for busy, progressive farmers and ranchers” to connect. GROWMARK’s Heather Miller was signing people up for the agricultural social media site at the GROWMARK tent and Chuck talked with Cory Winsted about it. “You could say that CropNAtion is a virtual coffee shop, where a producer can be …

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There’s an app for that, too

Meghan Grebner

There are Android and iPhone apps for just about everything.  My friend, Jason Webster runs the Practical Farm Research for Beck‘s Hybrids in Downs, Ill.  In addition he farms, too.  Jason fully admits he doesn’t always practice what he used to preach about scouting fields during the growing season.  Because of that – he’s gone to a more sophisticated form of scouting.  One that he utilizes and …

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Machine Sync From John Deere

Chuck Zimmerman

John Deere unveiled a product that you couldn’t see on the show floor at this week’s product launch in Indianapolis, IN. It’s called Machine Sync. This new technology provides “timely, critical information on equipment location, operational status and automates equipment during harvest.” “Having real-time data is critical for equipment operators during harvest,” says Holli Brokaw, AMS product manager for John …

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