Liquid Formulation Valor EZ Herbicide For 2017

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Herbicides, Weed control

valor-herbicideValent U.S.A Corporation‘s leading herbicide, Valor EZ, will be available for the next growing season in a liquid formulation.  Valor EZ Herbicide1 is easy to mix, with in-tank suspension properties making it the perfect partner for Roundup Ready Xtend.

“The liquid formulation of Valor EZ makes the mixing process easier and more effective for growers and applicators by eliminating the pre-slurry step,” said Dr. John Pawlak, senior product development manager at Valent. “Better mixing will ensure a more even application, and less unmixed material in the spray equipment.”

The new product offers residual herbicide at all stages of the application process.  It is registered for use on soybeans and cotton and protects against weeks like waterhemp and Palmer amaranth for four to six weeks.

“An application of an effective preemergence herbicide, like Valor EZ, lays a strong residual foundation in a next generation soybean or cotton system,” said Eric Miller, marketing manager with Valent. “Valor EZ offers soybean and cotton growers a win-win solution by maximizing the effectiveness of their crop management systems, while still enabling them to effectively manage their finances through Valent’s expanded grower programs.”