Automate your spray boom

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Chemical overlap when spraying is costly in product and sometimes in added crop stress that can cut yield. But it’s next to impossible to prevent it on headlands and on point rows. Plus, sprayer skips can be costly when unsprayed weeds rob yields. John Deere’s automated solution to these costly problems is Swath Control Pro, designed to control boom sections … Read More

Find value in variable-rate precision fertility

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GPS-based variable-rate fertilizer application has become more mainstream in the past decade, thanks to research, technology, retailers’ promotion of the practice and growers’ success with it. But according to site-specific leader Jess Lowenberg-DeBoer, the economic return has been modest at best due to added labor, test and equipment costs. Higher energy and fertilizer prices make variable rate more attractive, says … Read More

GPS-Based Planter Controls

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Farm Industry News gives a first look at GPS-based planter controls. John Deere’s Swath Control Pro provides GPS-based boom section control for sprayers. Now John Deere is testing a Swath Control Pro system for planters to help farmers save seed costs. “Leveraging the technology from our GreenStar 2 [GS2] Rate Controller, we are currently developing a new system to turn … Read More

Farm Industry News Promotes

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Farm Industry News has produced a special e-newsletter that features articles about some of the latest precision agriculture technology. The newsletter is designed to deliver timely educational information about tools and methods that can help growers profit from precision farming and first-hand grower experience with tools/services and the profit they achieve. Each issue will include two articles for each grower … Read More