Automate your spray boom

Melissa SandfortEducation, Farm Industry News E-newsletter

Chemical overlap when spraying is costly in product and sometimes in added crop stress that can cut yield. But it’s next to impossible to prevent it on headlands and on point rows. Plus, sprayer skips can be costly when unsprayed weeds rob yields.

FIN logo.gifJohn Deere’s automated solution to these costly problems is Swath Control Pro, designed to control boom sections in its 4720 and 4920 self-propelled sprayers, as well as its brand new 30 series sprayers. Swath Control Pro is part of Deere’s GreenStar 2 (GS2) system, using GPS to turn boom sections on and off automatically, according to a coverage map.

To grasp how it works, view this animation of a tractor in the field and a view of the GS2 screen.

Content courtesy of Kurt Lawton, Farm Industy News.