High Tunnel Farming Means More Fresh Produce

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Fruit, Local, Vegetables

Consumers in Tennessee don’t often find freshly grown local vegetables year round, but that’s exactly what Falcon Ride Farm is producing.  Their popular CSA program provides the local community with fruit and vegetables throughout the year, thanks to the new high tunnel greenhouse design that lets farm owner, Bart Gilmer regulate interior temperatures more easily. “We are very excited about … Read More

Food Security Policy Event Takes Place In PA

Taylor TruckeyAgribusiness, Food, Government, Local, Policy

The “Importance of Global Food Security to Pennsylvania and America” will take place on January 11 in PA, 2016 courtesy of the Farm Journal Foundation and the Pennsylvania Dept of Ag. Mr. Russell Redding, Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture will introduce the session, which includes many other agriculture leaders. “While agricultural researchers work hard to increase yields, an often overlooked area … Read More

BrightFarms Brings Local Food Nation-Wide

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Energy, Local

BrightFarms has broken ground on a new Chicagoland Greenhouse in Rochelle, IL.  The start-up company is changing the face of local produce with the first ever nation brand.  Working together with Roundy’s Supermarkets, and the greenhouses will supply the grocery chain with produce, hopefully in 2016. A model for the future of local, low-impact farming, the BrightFarms Chicagoland Greenhouse will be … Read More