Canadian Precision Farming Entrepreneurs

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Farmers Edge Precision Consulting based in Winnipeg, Manitoba has become a fast-growing business helping farmers cut fertilizer costs and increase profits. The two agronomy experts who started the company just received an entrepreneur award, according to a report in The Gov Monitor. Farmers were so impressed with an innovative crop fertilization service developed by Curtis MacKinnon and Wade Barnes that … Read More

Collaboration Delivers Satellite Images To Canadian Farmers

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German-based RapidEye, who uses a constellation of five satellites to photograph earth for numerous industries, partnered with Canadian companies GeoFarm and Agri-Trend to supply growing season images to farmers across Canada. In a collaborative effort, GeoFarm, Agri-Trend, and RapidEye began working together at the beginning of 2009 to offer enhanced satellite imagery solutions to Canadian clients by offering “near real-time” … Read More

France Tests N Fertilization Using Remote Sensing

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RapidEye, a German-based GIS mapping technology provider, is working with a France company to test and deliver biomass maps that can help farmers improve Nitrogen efficiency in wheat and canola fields, as reported by Vector1Media. RapidEye provided S2B’s VISIOPLAINE platform with biomass maps to support nitrogen fertilization of canola fields for five regions from early winter 2008 to early spring … Read More

Precision Farming Advances in Popular Science

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Popular Science magazine did a nice job providing readers with a glimpse into the precision agriculture research that is needed to grow twice as much food by 2050. The writer talked about how this challenge is everyone’s problem, but scientists are hard at work fomenting a second green revolution. Here are the research projects that the magazine chose: 1. Sahara … Read More

InfoAg Speaker Promotes Fertilizer BMP Needs

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Encouraging all farmers, not just the technology adopters, to use precision fertilizer Best Management Practices (BMPs) was the theme of an opening session talk by Clyde Graham, VP of Strategy and Alliances with the Canadian Fertilizer Institute. Speaking at the bi-annual precision agriculture InfoAg conference in Springfield, Ill., today, Graham cited the importance of a global 4Rs BMP effort with … Read More

Precision Farming In India

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Part of India’s National Agriculture Development Program (NADP) promotes a precision farming technique that is gaining popularity, according to a recent story in India’s national newspaper, The Hindu. Over the past two years, precision farming techniques have been promoted in 900 hectares across the district in various crops including sugarcane, maize, brinjal, tomato, onion, tapioca, sunflower and groundnut. With installation of … Read More

Precision Technology A Must To Feed The World

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To feed a growing population, we need increased sustainable and global efforts with precision irrigation, fertilization, mechanization and genetically modified crops that improve yields, says a report released today by Deutsche Bank in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. “We are at a crossroads in terms of our investments in agriculture and what we will … Read More

Precision Farming Adoption in England

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Survey of arable farmers in England show only 35% have even looked into what precision farming could do for them, according to a recent story in the UK farm magazine Farmers Weekly. Fertilizer price rise is driving greater interest, as precision applications of typical fertilizer and lime are touted to save approximately 30%. SOYL Ltd, an independent company that provides … Read More

Concerns with GPS Satellites and Future Viability

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If you’ve heard news about potential failure of satellites in the GPS constellation by 2010…the sky is not falling and it’s not time to panic. Is there concern? Yes. A study just released by the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) shows that the Air Force (which maintains the system) and suppliers have not lived up to their promises of replacing … Read More

Who Makes Your Precision Ag Technology?

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If you like to track what company’s technology is used where, GPS World offers an interesting take on the OEM market for Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) business. Industry consultant Rob Lorimer writes about the future of three competing OEM business models.  One. The first model posits that core OEM GNSS technology (at board or chip level) is designed in-house and … Read More