Hick Chick Chat on Data Management

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Ag Leader Technology featured John McGuire of Simplified Technology Services at the Tech Meets Dirt Road Tour stop I attended recently near Peoria, Illinois and I had the chance to Hick Chick Chat with him about the important issue of data management for agriculture. McGuire has been working in agriculture precision technology for 20 years now and he talks about … Read More

Hick Chick Chat with Ag Leader Technology

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This week, I attended Ag Leader Technology’s field event, Where Technology Meets Dirt Road Tour. It was a beautiful and hot day, which was perfect for growers to come and see the live demonstrations and learn about seed, fertilizer, water and data. During Ag Leader’s Tech Meets Dirt event near Peoria, I caught up with Matt Wolf, territory manager for … Read More

Hick Chick Chat on Precision Animal Agriculture

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In this edition of the Hick Chick Chat I’m looking at precision agriculture from a different perspective; the animal. While Chuck was at the 30th Annual Alltech Symposium in Louisville, KY a couple of weeks ago he did an interesting interview with Dr. Karl Dawson, Chief Scientific Officer at Alltech on precision animal agriculture. Something I’ve heard about recently is … Read More

Hick Chick Chat about Illinois Ethanol Bill

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The Illinois Corn Growers Association and Illinois Renewable Fuels are supporting legislation that would allow consumers more choice at the fuel pump. Consumer Fuel Choice for Illinois (SB 52/HB 165) would eliminate the 20% Illinois state sales tax incentive for E-10 and establish a 10% Illinois state sales tax incentive for E-15, which models the successful program originally created by … Read More

Deadliest Catch Hick Chick Chat

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During the Farm Progress Show last year I had a chance to catch up with Deadliest Catch’s Edgar Hansen off the Northwestern. We discussed a bit about how fishing is a little like farming. It’s completely weather dependent, equipment failures in the mix and while they may not be planting they sure are cultivating their crop every year. Farmers are … Read More

Hick Chick Chat on Sustainable Farming

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At the recent Walmart Sustainable Products Expo, Monsanto made two significant commitments to help address critical challenges in the areas of water and nutrient efficiency.  In making the announcement, Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant asked a farmer leader to join him and talk about what these commitments mean for the agriculture community. Leon Corzine is an Assumption, Illinois farmer and past National … Read More

Hick Chick Chat with AEM on Farm Equipment

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The important contribution of U.S. agriculture equipment manufacturing to the health of the nation’s economy is demonstrated in an economic paper recently released by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers. For this edition of the Hick Chick Chat, I spoke with AEM senior vice president Charlie O’Brien about the analysis. “Agriculture’s achievements have resulted from scientific advances in many areas, including … Read More

BASF and the Advanced Acre Hick Chick Chat

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At an event not too long ago BASF Crop Protection discussed the Science Behind: the Advanced Acre. Three different growers from distinct parts of the country talked about their operations. Whether it be feedlot, dairy heifer replacement, corn, beans, wheat, sunflowers or millet they use some of the same practices and rely on their BASF counterparts to help them make … Read More