Hick Chick Chat about Illinois Ethanol Bill

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11326519286_c9a07ae0bf_oThe Illinois Corn Growers Association and Illinois Renewable Fuels are supporting legislation that would allow consumers more choice at the fuel pump.

Consumer Fuel Choice for Illinois (SB 52/HB 165) would eliminate the 20% Illinois state sales tax incentive for E-10 and establish a 10% Illinois state sales tax incentive for E-15, which models the successful program originally created by the General Assembly for E-10 and will expire in 2018. It would also provide funds for petroleum marketers to invest in fueling infrastructure to install blender pumps and E-85 systems.

12610Renewable Fuels Association president and CEO Bob Dinneen was recently on WFMB’s local morning show AM Springfield with Sam Madonia to discuss the legislation. I thought that conversation and the follow-up comments were interesting enough to bring them to you here on this Hick Chick Chat. What do you think?

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