Deadliest Catch Hick Chick Chat

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11326519286_c9a07ae0bf_oDuring the Farm Progress Show last year I had a chance to catch up with Deadliest Catch’s Edgar Hansen off the Northwestern. We discussed a bit about how fishing is a little like farming. It’s completely weather dependent, equipment failures in the mix and while they may not be planting they sure are cultivating their crop every year. Farmers are stewards of the land, like fisherman are stewards at sea.

Image-4Deadliest Catch is back on Discovery celebrating it’s 10th season. As I was catching up on the first few episodes that I had missed this season and learning about how the government shutdown had affected the fishing, I thought back to how it affected harvest here in the Midwest with USDA shutting down and dealing with many of the same struggles. It may seem like a while ago now, but as I’m watching the show I’m reminded of the hot August day at in Decatur and talking with the deck boss about the boat and the upcoming season.

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