CHL Consultant & Grower Conducts Research

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New technologies are breaking ground all around us in the agriculture community. And that is what first attracted Dan Davidson to Crop Health Labs (CHL) Plant Sap Analysis. Dan is an agronomist, farmer and now consultant for CHL. Plant Sap Analysis is basically a blood test for plants that detects nutrient deficiencies three to four weeks sooner than traditional tissue … Read More

Nutrient Management Through Plant Sap Analysis

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Growers who are interested in reducing crop inputs and increasing profits can learn more about a program to achieve both from Crop Health Labs. This nutrient management tool is plant sap analysis and they are hosting webinars throughout July to educate growers about this different approach to very common nutrient management problems. I spoke with Crop Health Labs Executive Director, … Read More

Bug’s Eye View of Sap Analysis

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Nic Ellis is an entomologist with a strong background in the science and research of insect and plant interactions and formed Norden Agricultural to pursue independent advising to conventional and organic growers. During the Crop Health Laboratories’ seminar on plant sap analysis, Nic shared his expertise with growers and explained how vegetable producers in the eastern part of the U.S. … Read More

Sap Analysis Work in the Field

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Crop Health Laboratories’ recent seminar focused on the new sap analysis technology sweeping across the United States. One speaker during the event was Jacob Gwilliam of Tulare Ag Products (TAP), who shared insights into his use of sap analysis throughout the San Joaquin Valley. Jacob is involved in TAP’s special projects and technologies. This is where things like plant sap … Read More

Plant Sap Analysis Sampling

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The Power Growers Seminar by Crop Health Laboratories attracted fruit and vegetable growers from the East and West Coasts and everywhere in between. The conference covered anything pertaining to plant sap analysis, but the session on proper sampling, handling and labeling techniques answered many frequently asked questions. Maikel van de Ven is a consultant for NovaCropControl/HortiNova and was there to … Read More

Improving Plant Health Through Nutritional Balance

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Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA) is a plant nutrition consulting company that works with fruit and vegetable growers from across the country. They have become known for helping farmers grow crops that are completely resistant to diseases and insects using nutrition and enhancing plant immunity through nutritional balance. During Crop Health Laboratories’ Power Growers Seminar I spoke with founder and CEO … Read More

A Blood Test for Plants

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Crop Health Laboratories presented Power Growers Seminar over the weekend in Santa Clara, CA. The event provided a comprehensive introduction to plant sap analysis technology. This new nutrient management strategy was created by Sjoerd Smits, owner of NovaCropControl and HortiNova. Both companies are based out of the Netherlands and currently sap samples are shipped there for analysis. Crop Health Labs … Read More