Bayer Showcases InVigor® Canola Hybrids

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The canola was in full bloom for the Bayer Showcase Plot Tour this week in North Dakota, soaking up the spotlight on the latest InVigor® canola hybrids. U.S. InVigor Sales Lead Kristie Sundeen says the Liberty Link trait canola hybrid just celebrated 20 years on the market and the most recent hybrids with pod shatter reduction technology are gaining in … Read More

Evogene Optimizes Genes for Monsanto Products

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A new gene optimization from Evogene is being incorporated into its multi-year collaboration with Monsanto. This Evogene news release says the addition of these new capabilities, designed to optimize desired trait efficacy and potentially accelerate product development, is part of a long identification and validation program by Evogene that has put more than 1,000 genes into Monsanto’s product development pipeline. … Read More

First Crop of Locally Sourced Canola to Create Biopolymer

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Meredian, Inc., a privately held biopolymer manufacturer, harvested its first locally sourced canola crop in Decatur County, Ga. The harvesting of the 1,000 acres of canola fields planted last year began May 12 and continued through Memorial Day. Canola is a major component of Meredian’s process to produce biopolymers which are raw materials that can be used for manufacturing a … Read More