Pioneer Demonstrates CRISPR-Cas Potential

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DuPont Pioneer researchers  have been working with an advanced plant breeding technology known as CRISPR-Cas.  Now the Plant Biotechnology Journal has reported their success in improving a corn plant’s own ability to withstand drought stress. “Rapid population growth coupled with limited resources and climate change requires innovation to keep pace at a similarly rapid rate,” said Neal Gutterson, vice president, … Read More

.@DuPontPioneer Introduces Tech to Boost Soy Yields

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DuPont Pioneer is introducing Accelerated Yield Technology (AYT) 4.0. This technology will more than double the rate of genetic gain of the soybean varieties in Pioneer’s research pipeline, translating to greater yield potential in the field and a reduced time to bring new products to market. “This is revolutionary technology that is helping deliver higher yielding soybeans to market faster … Read More

Scientists Announce Alfalfa Research Advancements

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Noble Foundation along with researchers from the University of Minnesota and the National Center for Genome Resources have made significant advancements in sequencing the alfalfa genome. The research was presented during the North American Alfalfa Improvement Conference held in Madison, Wisconsin. According to Dr. Maria Monteros, Ph.D., alfalfa is one of the most complex plant genome to sequence and today … Read More

House Sends #GMO Disclosure Bill to President

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The U.S. House yesterday approved the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard by a vote of 309 to 117. The legislation, which preempts individual state laws to require labeling of foods containing genetically engineered ingredients, was passed by the Senate last week and is expected to be signed by President Obama. “I have said this is the most important food and … Read More

Ag Industry Calls on House to Pass GMO Label Law

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With the Senate passing its version of the GMO Disclosure Bill late last week, this week more than 1,100 ag and food industry organizations, representing the entire food chain – from farm to fork – are calling on the House for quick action on passing its version of the GMO labeling law. The collective sent a letter to House leadership … Read More

#GMO Disclosure Bill Passes Senate

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Late Thursday evening, the U.S. Senate Wednesday voted 63-30 to pass the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard that preempts individual state laws to require labeling of foods containing genetically engineered ingredients. The bipartisan compromise legislation, which was worked out by Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Pat Roberts (R-KS) and Ranking Member Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), requires mandatory disclosure with several options, including … Read More

Study Finds Vermont GMO Labeling Misleading

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With July 1st come and gone the new genetically modified ingredients (GMO) labels hit the shelves in Vermont. The anticipation of the new label prompted an online survey of 1,665 online shoppers, commissioned by the American Soybean Association (ASA). The survey found that the labels are misleading to consumers. The five food labels tested were common food label statements related … Read More

More than 100 Nobel Laureates Support GMOs

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This morning three Nobel Laureates presented at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. to call on Greenpeace, the United Nations and governments around the world to support GMOs. They are the public face of more than 100 Nobel Laureates who signed a letter asking that campaigns agains products like Golden Rice be abandoned.  The letter condemns practices that are … Read More

Four Scientists Earn #FoodPrize16

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Drs. Maria Andrade, Robert Mwanga, Jan Low and Howarth Bouis have been honored with the 2016 World Food Prize.  Their names were announced today at a ceremony at the U.S. State Department where USAID administrator Gayle Smith gave the keynote address. “These four extraordinary World Food Prize Laureates have proven that science matters, and that when matched with dedication, it can … Read More

Monsanto Forms New Partnership Agreements

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Monsanto Company has formed two new partnership agreements.  One targets weed control solutions while the other focuses on genome-editing. Under an agreement with TargetGene Biotechnologies LTD, Monsanto receives an exclusive license for TargetGene’s Genome Editing Engine (T GEE).  “TargetGene is pleased to be working with Monsanto to enable the next generation of agricultural innovation through the application of our genome-editing … Read More