Agrible Partners with The Equity to Offer New Tools

Kelly MarshallAgrible, Agribusiness, Data

agrible-logo Agrible, Inc. and The Equity (formerly Effingham Equity) are working together to offer the predictive analytics tools inside Agrible’s Morning Farm Report to The Equity’s GoSmart Analytics customers. GoSmart Analytics users can now access industry-leading data insights as well as help with on-farm decision making.

By signing up for GoSmart Analytics, growers receive up-to-date weather forecasts, in-season yield forecasts, and the ability to benchmark yield results with other GoSmart customers. They also receive a Morning Farm Report account with access to forecasts and recommendations on pests, nutrient availability, and more. For an additional fee, growers can add the Morning Farm Report Field Logistics AgriBundle, which includes hour-by-hour field conditions, soil temperatures, wind speed and direction, and a pollinator risk guide.

The Equity“The Equity has built a reputation as a leader in innovation and service,” said Chris Harbourt, CEO of Agrible. “Their philosophy is a perfect fit for Morning Farm Report, and we look forward to bringing the power of big data to their GoSmart Analytics customers.”

The new system will allow GoSmart Analytics customers to use the Morning Farm Report’s predictive analytics for planning and data-based decisions. Then at harvest growers can benchmark their return on investment for each field without needing to add their data to another system.

“With GoSmart Analytics, we are looking to turn big data into value for our customers,” said Tim Bence, Agronomy VP at The Equity. “We’re confident that the predictive analytics tools in Morning Farm Report will compliment the GoSmart system and help us accomplish that goal.”

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