Deere Partners Look to Lower Costs, Raise Integrations

John DavisAgNerd, Agribusiness, Audio, Data, John Deere, technology

Producers are always looking for ways to lower their input costs, and that certainly applies to precision farm equipment. At the recent 2014 Develop with Deere conference in Kansas City, Travis Jones with LHP Telematics, a company partially owned by John Deere, told Chuck that the biggest limitation to telematics is the cost of the hardware. “The boxes just cost … Read More

MyJohnDeere Tackles Wireless Data Transfer

John DavisAgNerd, Agribusiness, Audio, John Deere, technology

The recent Develop with Deere conference in Kansas City brought ag nerds from across the country together to discuss the latest developments in the MyJohnDeere precision agriculture platform. Tyler Hogrefe, one of John Deere’s staff primarily from the company’s Intelligent Solutions Group who attended the gathering, told Chuck that companies want to know how MyJohnDeere will relate to the applications … Read More

MyJohnDeere Lets Other Software Bring New Data to Farming

John DavisAgNerd, Agribusiness, Audio, John Deere, technology

One of the key takeaways from the 2014 Develop with Deere conference was how the company’s MyJohnDeere platform allows a host of outside software technologies bring better information to farming. “The MyJohnDeere operations center is enabling all these software companies and partners is to bring new insights into the operations center for the grower, using all their data and their … Read More

In-Cab Wifi From Ayrstone

Cindy ZimmermanAgNerd, Agribusiness, Audio, Internet, technology, Tractor

Need wireless productivity on your farm? Ayrstone is here to help. Bill Moffitt, Founder/President, was on hand at the recent Ag Media Summit to talk about their new products, including the new AyrMesh Cab Hub. BRING YOUR AYRMESH WIFI NETWORK INTO THE CAB OF YOUR VEHICLES The AyrMesh Cab Hub mounts in the cab of your tractor, sprayer, combine, or … Read More

Precision Aerial Ag Show

Chuck ZimmermanAgNerd, Agribusiness

It might not be quite the same as a show put on by the Blue Angels but . . . For you agnerds out there it sounds pretty exciting. It’s the Precision Aerial Ag Show. Here’s the tentative agenda. The PAAS is powered by Farm Industry News and Farm Progress Events. The event will be held in Progress City USA, … Read More

AgNerds Love MapShots Customer Conference

Chuck ZimmermanAgNerd, Audio, MapShots

The MapShots Customer Conference is almost over in Atlanta, GA. I thought you might enjoy this interview with official AgNerd, Keith Baker, Baker Ag Services, a Dupont Pioneer seed agency in Indiana. Keith saw me wearing my ZimmGlass and that started an enjoyable conversation about the new technology I’ve been trying out as a member of the Google Explorers program. … Read More