MyJohnDeere Tackles Wireless Data Transfer

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jd-developer-14-tyler-hThe recent Develop with Deere conference in Kansas City brought ag nerds from across the country together to discuss the latest developments in the MyJohnDeere precision agriculture platform. Tyler Hogrefe, one of John Deere’s staff primarily from the company’s Intelligent Solutions Group who attended the gathering, told Chuck that companies want to know how MyJohnDeere will relate to the applications they are developing and how wireless data transfer will integrate, and ultimately, how customers will move data from MyJohnDeere and the machine into the software applications seamlessly.

“MyJohnDeere is that interface collecting information and then allows these companies, as the customer requests it, to pull the data into their system so the customer has a choice of which application to use,” adding that it is all enabled by wireless data transfer seamlessly taking information from the machine and getting it to customers.

Tyler pointed to AgIntegrated and how well it has meshed up with MyJohnDeere, giving a great case study on the subject.

Attendees of the Tyler’s session had some questions of their own, revolving mostly around data size. Producers are concerned about moving data, and he said MyJohnDeere allows you to pull just the data you need through wireless means.

“One way of [eliminating large data transfers] is to eliminate the need to pull all your data at once and push it in these small chunks,” Tyler said.

You can hear Chuck’s interview with Tyler here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Tyler Hogrefe”]

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