Precision Aerial Ag Show

Chuck ZimmermanAgNerd, Agribusiness

Precision Aerial Ag ShowIt might not be quite the same as a show put on by the Blue Angels but . . . For you agnerds out there it sounds pretty exciting. It’s the Precision Aerial Ag Show. Here’s the tentative agenda. The PAAS is powered by Farm Industry News and Farm Progress Events.

The event will be held in Progress City USA, Decatur, IL, July 9-10, 2014. It is being billed as a first of its kind outdoor event.

This event is designed to draw farm operators and other potential users of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) technology who are interested in the use of unmanned aerial systems to identify crop stress issues, inspect elevated or unreachable locations, and other innovative agricultural uses. The show is designed to be a working show with UAV demonstrations, along with professional presentations on FAA regulations, UAV capabilities, liabilities, and other issues about UAV use.