FMC Looking Ahead to Fall at #AgMedia Summit

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The growing season is in full swing, and the team at FMC Corporation is encouraging growers to be extra weed-conscious as summer comes to an end and harvest season begins. Ken Smith, Technical Service Manager for FMC Corporation, was on hand during the 2016 Ag Media Summit to discuss the reality of herbicide resistance, and how it has made fall … Read More

FMC Expands Corn Division

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Perhaps when you think of FMC you think of soybeans- but that is changing, says Chris Reat, Corn Product Manger.  At the recent Ag Media Summit in St. Louis, Missouri Reat told AgWired they’re expanding their corn sector with a full range of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. When asked about corn crops for this year Reat’s advice was not to … Read More

Climate Corp Tech Increases Sustainable Production

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Spirits were high for representatives from The Climate Corporation, a division of Monsanto, at this year’s Ag Media Summit following an exciting announcement earlier this year: Their digital agriculture platform has officially been used to map over 75 million acres of United States farmland. “We’re seeing widespread adoption of these digital tools,” representative Chelsea Shepherd said during an interview at … Read More

FMC Authority and Aim for Fall Application

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It’s still summer but not too early to start thinking about fall herbicide applications. David Wheeler with FMC Corporation says with all the resistant weed pressure around the country a fall burndown is more important than ever. “Primarily we use a fall burndown application in soybeans or corn to prevent the early season growth of winter annual weeds that can … Read More

What’s New with LFR at FMC

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LFR stands for Liquid Fertilizer Ready formulation and FMC Corporation is expanding that franchise to help growers. “We’ve had a lot of success with Capture LFR,” FMC Corn Segment Manager Matt Hancock said during the recent Ag Media Summit. “It provides the control a grower wants with the convenience of just being able to toss it in the tank with … Read More

#AgMedia Learn About Overlap System From FMC

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Ag journalists had the opportunity to learn more about the Overlap™ System that FMC promotes for weed control during the recent Ag Media Summit. “Overlap is a term that we use for overlapping residual herbicides and we do that in order to manage resistant weed species like tall waterhemp and palmer pigweed, primarily,” said FMC Technical Business Manager David Wheeler … Read More

FMC Talks with #AgMedia About Solstice

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Growers have been seeing some great results with FMC’s Solstice™ postemergence herbicide in this second year on the market. “Corn growers are pretty familiar with the HPPD inhibitor chemistry that’s in Solstice,” said FMC North America corn segment manager Matt Hancock during interviews at the recent Ag Media Summit. “But what we did was take that one step further and … Read More

Cheminova Products Add to FMC Portfolio

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FMC Corporation just completed its acquisition of Cheminova earlier this year and at the Ag Media Summit we talked with FMC business solutions manager David Wheeler about what new crop protection solutions that adds to the FMC portfolio for growers. “The Cheminova acquisition has really rounded out our portfolio,” said Wheeler. “For instance, we were lacking in fungicides in our … Read More

News From Custom Harvesters at #AgMedia

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Mark Anderson and Dan Misner with U.S. Custom Harvesters (USCHI) had some news to share at the Ag Media Summit last week. First, Anderson says they just announced a new partnership with Ag in the Classroom to develop two curriculums using footage leftover from “The Great American Wheat Harvest” documentary. “These curriculums will focus on agribusiness, leadership and job opportunities … Read More

FMC Anthem Maxx Herbicide Out This Fall

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Anthem® Maxx herbicide due out this fall from FMC is a new, concentrated version of Anthem herbicide that offers growers a dramatically lower use-rate. “We like taking Anthem to corn,” said Matt Hancock, FMC Corn Segment Manager. “This is a four ounce per acre use rate to get pre- and post-emergent control of broadleaves and pre-emergent control of grasses…it takes … Read More