Making new facilities state of the art

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GROWMARK is opening a new dry terminal in Stuart, Iowa.  The facility will handle granular urea, mono-ammonium phosphate, and white potash.  It has a capacity for 18 railcars with six 10 ton hoppers and five micro-hoppers.  That equates to around 15,500 tons of capacity. In this Podcast, sponsored by Ag Leader Technology, we’ll take a closer look at the new technologies … Read More Podcast: Using apps to forecast yield

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What is your favorite app on your phone?  How does it make your life easier?  Advanced Ag Solutions, LLC is trying to make it easier for farmers with their recently launched Optimizer 2.0 app.  It allows users to upload GPS soil sampling data and then use that information to leverage the information they already have (and use) even further.  In … Read More Podcast: Changing hybrids on the fly

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When a farmer purchases a bag of seed corn – Jason Webster, director of Beck’s Hybrids Central Illinois Practical Farm Research says they should already be thinking about where they are going to plant that corn.   As technology continues to evolve – it may become easier to change hybrids within a field. In this Podcast, sponsored by Ag Leader Technology, we’ll … Read More Podcast: The Ag Gateway into the future

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 AgGateway is focused on promoting and expanding e-commerce in the agriculture industry.  The non-profit organization helps companies address current and future challenges within the industry.  Jeff Kaiser with John Deere is the chair of Ag Gateway’s Precision Ag Council.  He says in the council’s short time – they’ve been focused on the basics and working with both the trading partners and their customers. … Read More Podcast: How aerial applicators use GPS

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Because of the advancements in technology, the agriculture industry has come a long way from where we started.  The aerial application business is no exception.  In this Podcast, brought to you by Ag Leader Technology,  we examine how aerial application has become more accurate and more efficient. Things have changed a lot since Agriflite Services president David Eby began … Read More Podcast:

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In 2010 US crop growers lost $20 billion to insect damage and spent $4.5 billion on insecticide.  In this Podcast, brought to you by Ag Leader Technology, we take a closer look at a new way to monitor insect pressure in your field. Johnny Park, president and CEO of Spensa and a Purdue research assistant in electrical and computer … Read More

Tire technology can make farmers more efficient

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When you think of technology, tires aren’t exactly the first thing that come to mind.   In this Podcast, sponsored by Ag Leader Technology we examine how the world of implement tires is changing and how Titan Tires is helping producers become more efficient in their operations.  Brent Murray is a sales rep for Titan Tires and he says stubble damage is … Read More